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Emergency Landing
(1941 Film)

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Forrest Tucker as Jerry Barton
Carol Hughes as Betty Lambert
Emmett Vogan as Dr. Williams
Evelyn Brent as Aunt Maude Marshall
Joaquin Edwards as Pedro
William Halligan as G.B. Lambert
Billy Curtis as Judge Gildersleeve [credited as Little Billy]

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Emergency Landing (1941)
:  This movie is more widely known as "Robot Pilot", the title given to it when later aired on TV.  "Robot Pilot" is actually a much better and more accurate title than the former.

    This is a great movie!  How come more people don't know about this?  It's a romantic adventure comedy set in the world of aviation.  Forrest Tucker is a pilot by the name of Jerry Barton.  He's helping out Dr. "Doc" Williams (played by Emmett Vogan) who is working on a remote control robot plane.  After flopping a sales pitch to Lambert Aircraft, a company that manufactures airplanes for the military, the two down-and-out buddies return to Arizona to improve their work.

    By a strange coincidence, Jerry finds Betty Lambert (Carol Hughes) and her Aunt Maude (Evelyn Brent) stealing their gas, which is also government property.  Jerry, as a federal officer, holds the two women prisoner basically to teach Betty, the grown-up spoiled brat, a lesson in humility.

    Pedro's funny!  He's a goof, but not a racist putdown.  I'm also impressed with Evelyn Brent as Aunt Maude; she's a cool actress.  Forrest Tucker is neat to see as a young pilot guy, and he's great in this movie.  However, I still think his crowning achievement was "F Troop".  That's a role that's hard to beat.

Alternate Titles For This Film:

Robot Plane [TV title]

Fun Facts: