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The above link is for the "Elektra" 2-disc Director's Cut loaded with extras.

Elektra (2005):  I must admit I wasn't real excited about seeing this movie at first.  It's a spin-off of "Daredevil" which I thought was okay, but wasn't overly thrilled.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this film.  You have to overlook the fact that Jennifer Garner doesn't look like the Elektra you may be familiar with from the comics.  She's too skinny and doesn't look Greek.  Plus her costume isn't as risque as the comic character.  At least it's red this time.  Usually in superhero movies, the superwomen look just as sexy if not more so than the drawings.  This movie does a slight reverse in that respect.  Just pretend that the comic book version of Elektra doesn't exist, and you'll be happy with the "Elektra" in this film.

Jennifer Garner

    We learn that Elektra, who died in "Daredevil," has been brought back to life.  She sharpens her martial arts skills even further than they had been before.  Unfortunately, she is a little too angry and is exiled by her teacher.  She becomes a high-paid assassin with top-priority targets.  Elektra grows increasingly disenchanted with this business and vows to go legit after one last hit.  It turns out, however, that the man she is assigned to terminate is someone she doesn't feel should be killed...at least not without more information.  Her hunch proves true and now she must protect the man and his daughter from a host of deadly assassins.  Elektra is a bad girl turned good girl.  After the enemies are killed, Elektra is no longer in the assassin business.  We don't know where she is going or what she is going to do.  Perhaps we'll see her again?

    This movie has a much more interesting cast of characters than "Daredevil."  The character concepts of the bad guys are extremely clever and the highlights of the show.  The old saying, "Heroes are only as interesting as their villains." has never held more truth!  I also like Terence Stamp as Elektra's blind sensai Stick.  He's a cool, collected personality.  And the father and daughter whom Elektra protects from the villains are intriguing characters as well.  They seem ordinary at first, but they have secrets to hide.  What could they be?  When you find out, you'll really be amazed!

    For about the first half-hour, this film starts out with the same depressing mood that "Daredevil" had throughout the entire picture.  But after that, once it gets into the story, the action and thrills come fast and furious.  And this film is much more optimistic than "Daredevil," which I like.  By the end of the film, there IS light at the end of the tunnel.  This is good.  Maybe some of this will rub off on the next "Daredevil" film.