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Doctor Mordrid
(1992 Film)

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Doctor Mordrid (1992):  The Doctor Mordrid character is an imitation of Marvel Comics' popular Doctor Strange.  I know this is a lower-budget movie, but it was made so well that you can't really tell it's not mainstream.  Very good filming!  Doctor Anton Mordrid is a sorcerer who protects Earth from supernatural villainy.   His centuries-long rival Kabal has escaped from a cosmic prison and has set out to destroy the world by releasing his army of demons.  Mordrid must use all his powers of sorcery to stop him.  His costume looks a lot like Dr. Strange's:  bright blue robe with a cape and magic medallion around his neck.  Jeffrey Combs, who plays Doctor Mordrid, is a very charming and likeable hero.  Brian Thompson plays Kabal and is downright scary and convincing.  This movie could almost be seen by young kids except for two things:  the continuous use of the f-word from Kabal's human flunkies and one scene of female nudity.  Besides that, there isn't really anything too scary or violent for children to handle.

    Mordrid's apartment has to be seen to be believed!  It's big, colorful and tricked out with all kinds of neat stuff like a huge map of the world on one wall, another wall with many TV screens, a library, a podium in the center, and a pet crow he calls Edgar Allan!  The special effects are amazing and frequent from the beginning to end.  The entire cast is very good.  Yvette Nipar as Mordrid's budding love interest and police-woman Samantha Hunt is very engaging.  The plot moves fast and never lets you down for fast excitement.  If you like superhero movies, this is a must-see!