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The Demolitionist
(1995 Film)

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The Demolitionist (1995):  It was 1995 when I last saw this movie, but I remember enjoying it.  This is a straight-to-DVD "B" movie, but it had an exciting premise.  A lady cop is killed.  She is brought back to life by an evil scientist to fight crime.  Her old life is gone.  She is now the Demolitionist.  Her main adversary is played by the dependably creepy Richard Grieco.  The Demolitionist only associates with the evil scientist who saved her because she needs to recharge herself on his special chair.  Otherwise, she would wither and die.

    Nicole Eggert of TVs "Baywatch" (she was Summer) plays superwoman Demolitionist.  She was about 23 when this movie was made.  This film is rated R for good reason, so it's not exactly a show for little kids.  Teenagers and older people will really get a thrill from it.  I wish her hair was longer in this film, but I guess you can't have everything.  She's still sexy, though.

    I'm going to have to buy this movie on video so I can give you all a better analysis.  Keep checking back for updates!