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Conan the Barbarian
(1982 Film)

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The above set contains BOTH of the Arnold Schwarzenegger "Conan" movies.

Conan the Barbarian (1982):  It's a good enough movie, but it tends to drag in places.  I'm not too much into the "epic" type of movies.  They tend to have a lot of filler to give it substance.  I DO, however, really love Sandahl Bergman as the ill-fated love of Conan named Valeria.  She's such a great character with so much promise.  I really was heartbroken when I first saw this movie years ago.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Conan in this, the first of his two Conan movies.  He's a bit too stoic in this movie.  He improved quite a bit in "Conan the Destroyer".  Nevertheless, he is a physically impressive being and when you see him on the screen fighting these incredible enemies you are more than convinced.  Good job done.

    And James Earl Jones as the nemesis Thulsa Doom makes for an interesting villain.