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Cleopatra's Daughter
(1960 Film)

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About This Film
Alternate Titles For This Film

Debra Paget as Shila, Cleopatra's daughter
Ettore Manni as Resi, the Pharoah's physician and Shila's lover
Erno Crisa as Kefren, the Pharoah's advisor and top villain in the film
Andreina Rossi as Kefren's mistress
Corrado Pani as Nemorat, the insane young Pharoah (also known as Keops)
Yvette Lebon as Queen-Mother Tegi, mother to Nemorat

Cleopatra's Daughter (1960)
:  This is a very well-done, Italian-made Egypt epic.  American actress Debra Paget plays the beautiful daughter of Cleopatra.  Shila IS hot, but her whiny, helpless personality makes her strictly a damsel-in-distress, and not a heroine.  I think it would have been better if Shila was more heroic, but that's the way the movie goes and it's still very good.

    The true hero of the film is Resi, the physician (played by Ettore Manni).  He becomes Shila's lover and works hard to save her from the horrible people he works with.  Ettore Manni is a dependable hero actor in many Italian films.  He's a likable guy.

    This movie is set twenty years after Cleopatra's death.  Being given to the Assyrians as a child, Shila is raised as one of their own.  Now a beautiful woman, Shila is kidnapped by Egypt's mad new monarchy, namely the aging Queen-Mother Tegi and her insane son Pharoah Nemorat.

    Shila is forced to marry the unlikable, tetched Nemorat in hopes that such a union would consolidate power between the Egyptians and Assyrians.  Tegi's hope is that Shila would produce a child and give her a new king.  Let's just say the relationship gets off on the wrong foot...and stays there.  She couldn't be more repulsed by the almost-retarded acting Pharoah.  Meanwhile, the Pharoah's doctor loves Shila and vice-versa.

    While all this is going on, the Pharoah's chief advisor Kefren, and Kefren's mistress, plot to overthrow the unhappy royal couple and take power.  Shila is framed for poisoning Nemorat.  Nemorat dies (good, because he was getting kind of annoying).  As punishment, Shila is sentenced to death by being buried alive in Nemorat's tomb.

    Resi devises a plan to save Shila.  He gives her a sleeping potion that will make people think she's dead.  Resi would then sneak her away before she is placed in the tomb.  This plan would work, but is foiled by a greedy mortician.  The physician kills the traitorous mortician, but barely escapes with his assistant...not with Shila.

    Now Shila is putting on her Juliet routine and is taken inside the tomb.  Resi realizes he must break into the tomb to get her out.  He kidnaps the beligerant architect of the tomb and a ruthless gang of grave robbers to get inside.  Shila is ultimately rescued from the tomb.

    Meanwhile, back at the palace, Kefren prepares to take his place as Pharoah, but without his mistress.  He stabs his lover and leaves her to die.  But as Kefren goes on to do "Pharoah stuff", the mistress tells Tegi about their evil scheme.  Shila is cleared of all wrong-doing.  Kefren is then killed, upon Tegi's order, by many arrows in what has to be one of the coolest death scenes of a villain in an Italian-made film.  It's great to see this b****** really get it!

    The only thing I don't like is that Shila, Resi, and Resi's assistant ride off far, far away without knowing what has happened.  I would have liked it better had Resi and Shila become Pharoah and Queen, and the assistant became their advisor.  This is still a good story, though, and our couple lives happily ever after.

Alternate Titles For This Film:

Il sepolero dei re [Italy; actual title]