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The Blue Bulleteer: Captured by the Cloak
(2007 Film)

Blue Bulleteer
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About This Film
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Maria Paris as The Blue Bulleteer
Mike Acord as The Cloak
Amy Locicero as Synn

The Blue Bulleteer: Captured by the Cloak (2007)
:  I'd definitely have to say that I enjoyed this movie more than "Nightveil" released two years earlier.  This would actually be a prequel, because in the AC Comics universe, Blue Bulleteer later became the mystical Nightveil.  What I find amusing is that Maria Paris, who played the villainess in "Nightveil", actually plays the heroine this time around.  Just as in "Nightveil", Maria Paris gives the best acting performance of anyone in the cast.  I'm not saying this to disparage anyone else in the cast; they're just not actors by trade.  Paris has been in the acting arena for awhile.

    I do give a tip of the hat, though, to Mike Acord who plays The Cloak.  He plays the type of likable, goofy supervillain that people like to see in superhero shows.  The Cloak was an interesting villain.

    Paris' Blue Bulleteer has a really fun personality, and she's a knockout!  After a winning streak of busting criminals, Blue Bulleteer is tricked and captured by mysterious villain The Cloak.  His plot is to auction off the crime-busting beauty to the highest supervillain bidder.  The Blue Bulleteer's costume is outstanding, and we see a lot of gratuitous cleavage shots and gyrations throughout the film.  It's all done with a sense of humor, and even though this is a very low-budget picture there's still a sense of style.

    The scene where Cloak chloroforms Blue Bulleteer is pretty sexy.  There's a lot of fun things to see in this short film.  I'd like to see more adventures of The Blue Bulleteer.

Fun Facts:

Maria Paris  Maria Paris  Maria Paris

Maria Paris  Maria Paris  Maria Paris 

Maria Paris