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Blondie Film Series:
The Blondie Movies Theme Song
Lyrics and a history of the beloved theme song.

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Pretty-face, funny hat,
That's what my Blondie is.
Loveable, feet both flat,
That's what my Dagwood is.

Blondie's not always right.
I let her think she is.
All of my thoughts are bright,
As long as he thinks there his.

Life with us is fun and crazy.
Baby Dumpling, us, and Daisy.
What a family!
Incredible!  Bumsteadable!

Hurry, you'll miss your bus!
Watch out, you'll burn your stew!
Nothing's too much for us.
As long as with me there's you.

Blondie and Dagwood
Dagwood and Blondie
Always with me there's you!

History of the Song:
Background information about this song is rare.  If you know anything, please CONTACT ME!

    As far as I know, the popular theme song was NOT in the original versions of the movies, but in the theatrical rereleases of the 1950s.  If this is so, then it is most likely that Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake were not the singers.  As you might know, Singleton left the series to pursue other projects.  Lake, himself, did very little non-Blondie work after the movies ended.