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Blondie Film Series:
Daisy the Dog
The history of Daisy in the Blondie movies!

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Birth Name:  Spooks [Not yet confirmed]

Place of Birth:

Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Cause of Death:


Biography:  Daisy the dog was actually a boy (not a girl like in the movies) and it was the same dog in all 28 Blondie films!  Details of Daisy's life are sketchy at best.  If you're one of the lucky people who knows anything about this talented dog, please contact me!

Clayton Self from Canada, fellow Blondie webmaster, told me this about Daisy:

"His name was Spooks and was trained by Rudd Weatherwax and Frank Inn.  His offspring played Daisy over the years so it actually wasn't the same dog.  I got the info about the dogs from a book, don't recall which one, and it was confirmed by Penny herself via her niece."

This might be true and it might not be, but it's more specific bio information than what I had before.  If you know anything more, please contact me!


#1: "Blondie" (1938)

Larry Simms
Daisy Bumstead with Larry Simms as Baby Dumpling.  For more Daisy photos, look through all the pages of the Blondie Film Series feature!