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Blondie Film Series:
The Blondie Could've Been
Learn more about the direction the Blondie films COULD have taken!

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Can you imagine a "Blondie" movie without Penny Singleton as Blondie or Arthur Lake as Dagwood?  Believe it or not, neither actor was one of the original choices originally slated for these roles in "Blondie" (1938). 

Columbia Pictures assigned Aurania Rouverol (of the "Andy Hardy" series) to adapt the comic strip, with Gloria Blondell to star as Blondie and Sam Marx to produce.

Gloria Blondell
Gloria Blondell
This photo still comes from The Life of Riley television series episode "Riley's Operation".  In this episode, Blondell played a nurse.  She would later become a cast regular as a different character, the wife of Jim Gillis, Olive "Honeybee" Gillis.  She's a bit older in this picture than she would've been had she played Blondie.  She is also the sister of Joan Blondell, whose name is probably more familiar to classic movie fans.  I'm a huge fan of Joan, but I must confess I do not know much about Gloria's work.

Then Stuart Erwin and Una Merkel were to star in the film as Dagwood and Blondie.

Stuart ErwinUna Merkel
Stuart Erwin & Una Merkel

Here's another Una Merkel photo to gaze at!  What a beauty!
Una Merkel

Finally, Shirley Deane was cast as Blondie.  Unfortunately for her, she fell ill and was replaced by Penny Singleton.  If you didn't already know, Penny had to bleach her hair blonde for the role.

Shirley Deane
Shirley Deane
Would've made a wonderful Blondie and looks a lot like Penny Singleton!

Stay tuned!  More pictures and details of the "Blondie" movie series in its infancy WILL be posted as they develop!