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Blondie Contributors
It really means a lot when other fans of the Blondie movies, who like what I do, contribute items to make this feature even better.  My eternal THANKS to all of you!  This is a list of names of people who have contributed to the content of "Blondie Film Series" (aka "Blondie's Page").  Sometimes the material I receive might appear in another feature of Polar Blair's Den.  Specific contributions are credited on the individual pages of which they appear.  If you would like to see your name in this list, and let all the world know you are a Blondie movies fan, CONTACT ME and send a little something.

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Judith Collard (Daughter of actress Dorothy Comingore!)

David Cowhig (Jean Willes' nephew!)

Darren (From Georgia, USA)

Mitzie Edwards (From Waynesville, North Carolina, USA)

Gene Hrycak

Rachel Hsu (Jack Rice's great-granddaughter!)

Cindy Johnson (From Orange, California, USA)

James P. McDonald (From Lancaster, California, USA)


Frank E. Reighter (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Larry Russell (Larry Simms' friend!)

Clayton Self (From Canada)

Jeff Silver (From Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Radio's Alexander Bumstead, 1948-1950)