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Blondie Film Series:
#3- Blondie Takes a Vacation (1939)

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About This Film

Blondie Bumstead (Penny Singleton)
Dagwood Bumstead (Arthur Lake)
Baby Dumpling Bumstead (Larry Simms)
Alvin Fuddle (Danny Mummert)
Mailman Mr. Crumb (Irving Bacon)

Jonathan N. Gillis (Donald Meek)
Harvey Morton (Donald MacBride)
Matthew Dickerson (Thomas W. Ross)
Emily Dickerson (Elizabeth Dunn, credited Elizabeth Dunne)
John Larkin (Robert Wilcox)
Mr. Holden the Banker (Harlan Briggs)

Drunk on Train (Arthur Housman, uncredited)

About This Film:  This is the third Blondie film and a great one at that.  The Blondie series was good at continuity.  This one starts where #2 left off.  The Bumsteads finally do get to go on that vacation, sort of.

A series of mishaps gets the vacation off to a real bad start.  But when the Bumsteads are denied to stay at a thriving lake resort hotel, (run by Donald MacBride's character, Harvey Morton) they are forced to stay at a run-down, nearly shut-down hotel owned by a nice elderly couple.

The Dickersons (played by Thomas W. Ross and Elizabeth Dunne) are about to lose their hotel.  When the Bumsteads learn of this, they decide to help get customers for the Dickersons.  But this is not without a lot of work and hilarious misadventures.

The Bumsteads never do get to enjoy their vacation.  In fact, they nearly go broke paying for all of the Dickersons' debts.  But, as you guessed it, everything comes out good in the end.

Donald MacBride, playing the part of the mean old butthead to perfection, burns down his own hotel to claim the insurance money, and tries to frame Dagwood!  But Baby Dumpling and Daisy, witnesses to the real arsonist, set everything straight for the cops.  Harvey Morton's hotel is gone, Morton is arrested, and the Dickersons hotel is the only one left on the lake.  Obviously, they become instantly rich, thanks to the Bumsteads.

The Bumsteads are offered an interest in the hotel, but Blondie forces them to turn it down.  She didn't want the hassles of running a hotel full-time.  But they do get paid back all the money they spent on the Dickersons' behalf.

So really, their vacation was not a vacation, but another typical Bumstead tribulation.  They didn't get anything out of the deal, but we sure do!  This is one of the most charming movies of the whole series!  Very enjoyable!

Donald Meek as the elderly old pyromaniac is a creepy, but likable character.  I've enjoyed Meek in his other pictures, and liked him in this one as well.  He often brings humor to the scenes that would otherwise be downers.

Robert Wilcox, who plays Donald Meek's protective nephew, is a cool fella.  He's a good-looking, nice guy who can really act.  I think he's quite smooth.  He would have been great as an action-adventure star.

Thomas W. Ross and Elizabeth Dunne are wonderful, likable cast members.  They give a warmth and charm to this film that it needed amongst all the other crazy characters.  They don't have a lot of comical moments, but they do give this movie some reality.

Arthur Housman has a brief, but memorable cameo playing, you guessed it, a drunk.  Housman was famous for playing small parts as drunks in a long line of movies.  For classic movie buffs, his seen should be a real treat.