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"Blondie" Film Series:
#2- Blondie Meets the Boss (1939)

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About This Film

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Blondie Bumstead (Penny Singleton)
Dagwood Bumstead (Arthur Lake)
Baby Dumpling Bumstead (Larry Simms)
Danny Mummert (Alvin Fuddle)
J.C. Dithers (Jonathan Hale)
Mr. Crumb, the Mailman (Irving Bacon)

Dorothy Moore (Dot Miller, Blondie's sister)
Joel Dean (Freddie Turner, Dot's boyfriend)
Don Beddoe (Marvin Williams)
Stanley Brown (Ollie Shaw)
Dorothy Comingore (Francine Rogers)
Inez Courtney (Betty Lou Wood)
Skinnay Ennis (Himself)
Walter Soderling (Morgan the Cashier)
Richard Fiske (Nelson)

About This Film: This is the 2nd film in the series.  Classic Blondie material!  The Bumstead family is looking forward to taking a vacation.  Dagwood's boss, Mr. Dithers, tells him at the last minute that his vacation is cancelled.  Mr. Dithers says he needs Dagwood to cover for him at the office.  Dagwood threatens that if he can't have his vacation, he will resign.  Dithers accepts without blinking an eye and before Dagwood can remedy the situation he realizes he is out of a job.  He goes home, tells Blondie, and Blondie goes to the Dithers' Construction Firm to "meet the boss".  When trying to get Dagwood his job back, Blondie accidentally gets the job herself!  Now the breadwinner for the family, Dagwood becomes a househusband!  A depressed Dagwood, who now wears the apron in the family, sneaks out of the house to go on a fishing trip with his neighbor buddy Marvin Williams. 

    Dagwood, still depressed about Blondie taking his job, makes the most out of his fishing trip until Marvin brings along two sexy young girls (one for him and one for Dagwood).  It turns out Marvin is cheating on his wife and wants to get Dagwood lined up with a girl as well.  Bumstead gets nervous around the pretty young miss, who happens to be a singer.  While Francine is about to fall out of the boat, Dagwood catches her.  Francine's friend Betty Lou takes a camera picture at that exact moment and it looks like Dagwood is holding her in his arms in a loving embrace.

    Blondie eventually discovers the photograph and in typical Blondie fashion grows jealous and mean towards her husband.  Still, she tries to pretend that she doesn't know what's going on as long as she can.  Trying to catch Dagwood in the act, everything gets all mixed up and Blondie blows the big business transaction that Dithers had set up for her.  It turns out, however, that Dithers wanted the proposal to fail.  Dagwood gets his job back, and a vacation, and everything goes back to normal.

    Blondie's sister Dot and her boyfriend are jitterbug dancers that provide comic relief for this entry.  It's the last you will ever see of Dot in the Blondie movies, which strikes me as odd considering that she is such an engaging character.  There's a hilarious scene where Dagwood unwittingly "fills in" as Dot's dancing partner at the jitterbug contest, slipping and sliding all over the floor, and ultimately helps her win the contest.