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Black Scorpion
(1995-1997 Film Series)

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About These Films

1. Black Scorpion (1995)

2. Black Scorpion II: Aftershock (1997)

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About These Films:

1. Black Scorpion (1995):  It's not a comic book character adapted to film.  This is an original superheroine created by Roger Corman in the tradition of 1990s comic book superheroes.  This is way better than the sequel "Black Scorpion II:  Aftershock" in the way of writing, acting, and direction.  Joan Severance and Garrett Morris are delightful, just as they are in the second film.  However, Morris as Black Scorpion's sidekick Argyle serves much greater importance in this movie.  You see more of him, and he's not just a mechanic, he assists Black Scorpion in her crimefighting escapades by researching on the computer, talking to her over her supercar's monitor, etc.  The quality of acting from the other actors in this film was much better than in the second film as well.

    This first "Black Scorpion" film is really well-written.  We learn of Darcy Walker's history and why she became the Black Scorpion.  She and her father lived alone since she was a little girl.  Her mother left when she was quite young because she couldn't handle Darcy's dad being a cop.  So Darcy wanted to be a cop like her father because she had no other available role model.  Darcy's dad, who was a good cop, blew his career when he accidentally shot a doctor.  Although the doctor was dead for fifteen minutes, he was brought back to life at the hospital, but to great discomfort.  Dr. Noah Goddard's brain was fried, he lost his practice, everything.  He pretty much dropped out of sight and came back into public view in the guise of a robotic-looking Breathtaker.  His insides, by the way, are all circuitry.  After the accident, Darcy's dad lost his job as a cop and became a security guard.  Twenty years later, Darcy is an undercover cop like her father.  On her birthday, of all days, the district attorney mysteriously shoots her father to death in a bar.  He later claims to have not known what he was doing and there was no apparent motive.  We find out later that Breathtaker is brainwashing people with asthma, and putting something in their inhalers to turn them crazy.  Meanwhile, Darcy Walker is suspended indefinitely for illegally interrogating the DA with excessive force.  Distraught over the incompetence of the system and the fact that she isn't taken seriously because she is a woman in a man's profession, she creates a clever costume for herself and becomes the Black Scorpion.  We see Darcy's darker, not-so-friendly side, in this identity.  Plus she looks great kicking hind-end in that tight, funky costume!  The reason she goes by "Black Scorpion" is all symbolic; her father always told her the story about the scorpion on the frog's back and how it was in his nature to sting others, even though it meant his own doom.  It was in Darcy's nature to fight crime, no matter the personal cost.

    This movie was definitely aimed towards adults and young adults.  It's a kinky superheroine funfest directed with the same dark, but slightly campy spirit as Tim Burton's "Batman" films.  That being said, there is some nudity in this film, but it fits "Black Scorpion" better than it did "Black Scorpion II".  The second film comes off a lot more juvenile and aimed towards younger kids, like the 1960s "Batman" TV show, but the profanity, violence, and nudity in that film just didn't jive.  Surprisingly, "Black Scorpion" did not have as much profanity or violence as its successor...and it was more mature.  So nudity works when the script it's written for is smarter.  In this film, we see a topless cowgirl stripper near the beginning of the show, and more towards the end of this film we see Black Scorpion naked in all but her mask and boots.

    The special effects were amazing in this film, and they were amazing in the sequel as well.  The editing was a lot better in this movie, though.  The transitions between scenes were done very stylish and professional.  This movie could have been released in theaters.  The overall camera work was great.  Almost everything that happened was in dark settings, but you could see everything extremely well.  This is a good thing, because we can really get a good look at Black Scorpion's happening costume and tricked-out supercar!  Her scorpion ring that shoots electric blasts is neat, too!

    I liked the villain in this film a lot better than the villains in the second film.  There was an attachment between Darcy Walker/Black Scorpion and Dr. Noah Goddard/The Breathtaker.  They just didn't whip him in there because they felt they needed a supervillain.  He's a very important part of why Darcy/Scorpion is as she is.  The second film's villains Gangster Prankster and Aftershock were clever character concepts, but they just came out of the blue.  Darcy didn't have any part in Prankster's or Aftershock's origin and really didn't have any importance to them at all or why they did what they did.  The Breathtaker's costume is impressive, especially when you consider the fact that this wasn't a mainstream movie.  There seem to be a lot of similarities between Breathtaker's costume and the costume of the Green Goblin from 2002's "Spider-Man".  Hmmm.  I wonder if Goblin's movie look was somewhat inspired by Breathtaker?

    Also enjoyable, but much more goofy, were the women pro-wrestler thugs of Breathtaker's.  There were two of them: a pretty one and a not-so-pretty one.  The pretty one was called Scary Mary.  She was played by Anita Hart.  Ms. Hart is primarily a stuntwoman by trade and has done stunts in many of the mainstream movies we watch.  This is one of her few acting assignments, but she really dazzles in her few brief appearances.  She's hotter than Hades!  Below are some Anita Hart as Scary Mary pictures for your enjoyment!

    Another neat thing in this film is Darcy's car(s).  Her sleek, orange Corvette transforms into a black Porsche Scorpionmobile!  I think toy cars of the Scorpionmobile should be put out on the market.  It could be an orange corvette with a snap-on Porsche Scorpionmobile body.  That would be good idea.  If any of the people involved with this film are looking at this article, I hope I've got your wheels turning.

    Overall, I enjoy this movie MUCHO!  It's a superheroine fantasy for teenagers and adults...and those kinds of films are rare if they're not blatant pornography.  "Black Scorpion" is smart, even in its silly moments, and played out by smart actors.  And if you're curious, check out "Black Scorpion II", but it's not as good as this film.

2. Black Scorpion II:  Aftershock (1997):  Kid stuff with a strong adult theme.  This is a superheroine created by filmmaker Roger Corman.  I have mixed feelings on this film.  It's certainly not the movie that the first one was.  I am a HUGE fan of Joan Severance, who plays Black Scorpion, which is really the only reason I am featuring this film.  There are some good things and some not-so-good things about this movie.  Here are the good things:

1. Joan Severance as Black Scorpion.  She's sexy without even trying...and she can act.  And I must admit the Black Scorpion costume is interesting.  Overall, I believe she can beat up on bad guys because she looks like a strong woman.

2. Black Scorpion's car:  The Scorpionmobile.  This car is cool, and the special effects used to transform it into the Black Scorpion crimefighting vehicle are quite outstanding...especially for a lower-budget film.  Her car can transform from an orange Corvette to a black Porsche Scorpionmobile!

3. Garrett Morris.  I liked him on "Saturday Night Live" and it's always good to see him in shows.  It's also good that he plays a good guy, and not a villain.  He's still Black Scorpion's sidekick, but he doesn't seem to do as much in this movie as he did in the last movie.

4.  The character concepts of the major villains are good.  Aftershock is the main villain in this movie, a sexy blonde arch-nemesis for Black Scorpion.  She has the ability to cause earthquake-like tremors.  Gangster Prankster is the other major villain and also a clever concept.  He's a cross between Batman's villains The Joker and Two-Face.  The right and left sides of his face are radically different, but he acts like a mad clown.

1.  Too much use of the "F" word and other profanity.  I'm no prude, but that kind of language just doesn't fit in this film.  Black Scorpion is like a female Batman.  This particular film could almost be watched by young kids if it wasn't for that.

2.  Nudity. Again, I'm no prude, but for a low-brow superhero show it just doesn't fit.  The nudity they show, however, is very nice.  There was nudity in the first film, too, but that film was definitely more adult so it worked.  Here, in a kiddy-type show, it just doesn't feel right.

3.  The "Hokey Level" is way high!  I don't mind hokey, unbelievable movies or substandard acting, but this movie is full of it.  It's not unwatchable, but it is sensationally corny.  Sometimes you wonder if you're watching a "Black Scorpion" film or the old 1960s "Batman" show or "Power Rangers".  That's not an overly bad thing, but...

4.  ...The violence in this movie doesn't jive with the rest of the "kiddy stuff" in this show.  In one scene, the villain's head is shown blowing apart, and pieces of his face fly everywhere!  That's just a taste of what you'll see here.