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Beastmaster III:  The Eye of Braxus
(1996 TV Movie)

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Dar, the Beastmaster- Marc Singer
Shada- Sandra Hess
Seth- Tony Todd
King Tal- Casper Van Dien
Morgana- Lesley-Anne Down
Lord Agon- David Warner

Beastmaster III:  The Eye of Braxus
(1996):  The final film of the Beastmaster series.  Marc Singer IS Beastmaster one last time.  What I like about him in the second and third movies is that he looks so much tougher than he did in the first one.  Granted, he had an awesome build back in "The Beastmaster", but now he's a little older and more seasoned.  If I had to choose, I'd probably say that this was my favorite of the Beastmaster movies.  I truly enjoy them all.  What I like about this one is that it's set completely in Dar's own time and place, so as not to break the reality of the story, and the plot moves much quicker than in the first movie.

     THIS movie could have been Beastmaster 2!  It follows up on what happened in the first movie, now many years later.  The previous film, "Beastmaster 2:  Through the Portal of Time", had no real attachment to the first or third movie, besides the fact that it was a cool Beastmaster story.

    We see once again Seth and Tal.  Seth is now played by Tony Todd (in "The Beastmaster" he was played by John Amos).  Tal is now King Tal and played by Casper Van Dien.  We don't see Kiri, Tanya Roberts' beautiful slave girl character, but since she turned out to be Dar's cousin we can't really have her as a love interest in this movie.  A fiesty new female character, this time a lovely blonde thief, is played by Sandra Hess and named Shada.  I make a habit of watching Sandra Hess in movies.  She always plays really interesting characters.  Shada is actually a heroine in this film, even though she does bad things on occasion.  And she's a potential love interest for Dar that I think could've been used in a fourth film.  Lesley-Anne Down is incredible as the good sorceress Morgana.  She's sexy and funny and oh, so clever.  I think her presence in this film was definitely inspired by the similar character of actress Sarah Douglas in the previous film.  Last, but not least, is the superb David Warner as the evil Lord Agon.  I've seen Mr. Warner in so many shows and he's always doing something interesting.

    Basic premise:  Dar must save his half-brother King Tal from an evil sorcerer by the name of Lord Agon before this villain can unleash the power of an evil creature named Braxus.

    It seems there is always some incontinuity or at the very least inconsistency with Dar's animals in the Beastmaster movies.  Ru was originally a black tiger in "The Beastmaster"; he became an ordinary tiger in "Beastmaster 2:  Through the Portal of Time"; and now he is a lion.  Are these all supposed to be different animals that he just keeps naming Ru?  It's never explained.  Also, the ferrets Kodo and Podo were given to L.A. girl Jackie Trent in the last movie.  Here he has ferrets Kodo and Podo again.  Are THESE different ferrets he keeps naming Kodo and Podo?  It gets confusing.

    I like this film.  It's amusing and entertaining.  This isn't meant to be a deep thinker.  In fact, any of the Beastmaster movies can also be watched by young kids.  Critics and geeks pan this movie (they talk trash about ANY movie), but if you're up for a barbarian movie that's different, THIS is the one to see.