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Beastmaster 2:  Through the Portal of Time
(1991 Film)

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About This Film

The Cast:
Dar, the Beastmaster- Marc Singer
Jackie Trent- Kari Wuhrer
Arklon- Wings Hauser
Lyranna- Sarah Douglas

Beastmaster 2:  Through the Portal of Time
(1991):  The long-awaited sequel to "The Beastmaster"!  Released 9 years after the first film, Dar is given an all-new adventure.  Now, I LIKED this film.  I think it's fun.  But it's definitely the most camp of the three films.  I'm kind of surprised that this didn't stop Beastmaster dead in his tracks from another film and TV series.  I enjoyed it, but it's so much different than the first film that I think it probably turned off a lot of longtime fans.  I do believe what made it still work as a "Beastmaster" movie is the fact that Marc Singer as Dar always had a sense of humor.  It just so happens that it is more applied to this film.  If the first film had been deeply, darkly serious this would have never worked.  It had its serious moments, but generally even the first movie was a fun film.

    Just so you know, there is really no mention of what went on with Dar before.  And none of this is mentioned in the next Beastmaster movie.  This is its own movie in and of itself.

    I think the idea of a barbarian coming over into our modern-day world is an interesting concept.  It's funny, plus it opened the Beastmaster up to a lot of story possibilities.  This is meant to be more of a funny fantasy movie, but it's not so over-the-top that it's unwatchable.  It's really quite amusing, and there is a fair amount of realism.  Anybody with imagination will love this film.

    Kari Wuhrer as Dar's plucky, teenage sidekick is a delight.  That was a unique pairing:  a barbarian and a California girl.  I don't believe anything like that was done in film before.  That's what makes this unique.  Wings Hauser as Dar's evil brother Arklon was an interesting character visually and personality-wise.  Sarah Douglas as Lyranna is AWESOME!  She's kind of a villain at first, but switches over to the good side later on.  It's just kind of neat to see this bad girl get turned onto L.A. high fashions.  I've always enjoyed Ms. Douglas in her movies, so you know whatever she does is going to be good.

    Quite simply, Dar and the bad guys go through a magic portal that brings them to modern-day Los Angeles.  Dar and his animal friends, with the help of pretty Jackie Trent and later the sorceress Lyranna, must stop Arklon from taking over this world along with the one from his own time.

    Marc Singer as Beastmaster is even cooler than in the first movie.  He's still got the light comedic touch.  On top of that, he's more buff than before and he looks a bit more haggard with his much longer and wilder hair.  Dar looks something like a heavy-metal rocker.

    Dar still has his same basic animals.  This time, however, Ru the tiger is a regular tiger.  In the first movie he was black.  Are we to assume this is a different tiger Dar acquired and named Ru?  Also, the two ferrets are still named Kodo and Podo.  I think what we are supposed to assume is that these are the babies all grown up from the last movie and named after their parents.