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The Wild World of Batwoman
(1966 Film)

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About This Film

The above link goes to the MST3K version of this film, which is often preferred over the original release.

Katherine Victor (Batwoman)


The Wild World of Batwoman (1966)
:  This is one of the stupidest B-movies of all-time!  I was really expecting something cute and funny.  When I saw it, it was just bad.  Not even a good kind of bad.  Just bad bad.  I do think that they had a great premise, and that the movie could've been made a lot better.  The production was rushed to cash in on the incredible popularity of TV's "Batman", which also debuted in 1966.  It so mimicked the more known TV series that DC Comics (National Periodicals) took them to court over copyright infringement.  DC lost, as the defense of director Jerry Warren and the production company stated that Batwoman was a different character because she was a vampire, and Batman was not.  This was a pretty weak defense, as Batwoman is simply referred to as a vampire a few times in the film, and is never shown drinking blood, but it worked.  Still, to avoid further complications, the title of this movie was changed for future releases.

    I like Katherine Victor.  She's a talented, sexy woman.  It's a pity she's not allowed to show it here.  Her character of Batwoman was made up to be homely and bizarre.  We know there's a good-looking woman under there; why can't we see it?  The bat tattoo on her chest is cool, though.  Victor had said in later years that she wished she hadn't done so many shows for Jerry Warren, as she felt it hurt her chances at getting bigger and better parts.

    The best thing about this show, however, are the Bat Girls.  They're Batwoman's sexy, go-go minions.  They don't wear costumes, although they should have.  What are superheroes without costumes?  They do, however, wear very appealing outfits.  Although some of the Bat Girls are listed in the opening credits, it is NEVER distinguished who is who in the film.  Most of them are nameless, and a few are given numbers (i.e. Bat Girl #14).  The sexiest Bat Girl is the one I refer to as "Kidnapped Bat Girl".  She is kidnapped once, rescued, then kidnapped again!  I'd like to know this girl's name, and what she's been up to since her Bat Girl days.  If you know, please CONTACT ME.  You'll see who I'm talking about in the Photos section below.


Katherine Victor
Katherine Victor as Batwoman.

Below are pics of the sexy, "Kidnapped Bat Girl".  If you know who she is, please CONTACT ME.
Batgirl  Batgirl


Batgirl Batgirl Batgirl Batgirl Batgirl

Batgirl Batgirl Batgirl