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Batman & Robin
(1997 Film)

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The above link goes to a 2-disc set that features all four of the 1980s-1990s "Batman" films.  Astonishing great quality and a must-have for those who love this era of "Batman"!

Batman & Robin (1997):  Forget what the critics say, this is probably my favorite of the Batman films.  I like the fact that Batman, Robin, and Batgirl are finally together fighting crime.  Michael Gough is superb as Alfred the butler for one last time.  The supervillains Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, and Bane are interesting additions to the Batman film series, of which this is the fourth film.  Chris O'Donnell is the perfect Robin.  He's a more hip version of the "Golly, gee, Batman!", but still has that same overconfident teenage/early twenties personality.  I like Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl, too.  She's a different-looking Batgirl than what everyone is used to.  She's blonde, not a redhead, and her costume doesn't really resemble a bat or even Batman's costume.  For a little while we see her with a bat-ears motorcycle helmet, but for the most part she wears just a simple mask over the eyes.  I think the reason for the drastic change in Batgirl's appearance is the fact that they were heavily marketing this movie, and action figures of two redheaded women would look too similar to each other.  Since they make the merchandise look like the movie versions, something had to be changed and it turned out to be Batgirl.

    Uma Thurman is outstanding as the lethal beauty Poison Ivy.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is COOL as Mr. Freeze.  I think Arnold's acting has come a long way from his early-1980s Conan the Barbarian/Terminator days.  He has expression in this movie, and he's playing a definite character.  Mr. Freeze isn't a complete bad guy, although he does very evil things.  He's mostly upset over his wife being in a comatose state, and his condition of having to be in extremely cold temperatures doesn't help his mood, either.  Thurman is definitely evil, and her thug Bane is just mindlessly evil.  He's not like the Bane from the comics, but it doesn't matter because he's still a good character in this movie.  I think the producers just wanted the name draw of Bane in this movie, because the character was pretty hot in the Batman comics around that time.  Poison Ivy with her powers of plants and Mr. Freeze with his ice-weapons are interesting sci-fi touches to the Batman series.  Plus, this movie goes all-out with stunts, special effects, elaborate sets, and high-tech gadgetry...especially the vehicles.  If you're truly a Batman fan, you'll love this film!