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Batman Forever
(1995 Film)

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The above link goes to a 2-disc set that features all four of the 1980s-1990s "Batman" films.  Astonishing great quality and a must-have for those who love this era of "Batman"!

Batman Forever (1995):  Another well-done Batman film; third in the series.  This time Val Kilmer is Batman.  He looks more like Batman, and his Bruce Wayne is a happier individual than Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne.  It works, though, because Bruce Wayne IS a happier person than he was in the first two movies.  His parents' deaths are long avenged, and he's settled into his life as Batman.  I think Val Kilmer should've played Batman in the following film.  He's good at it.  It took three films into the Batman series, but we finally see his legendary sidekick Robin.  Thank goodness!  Chris O'Donnell plays Robin and is much cooler than the classic Robin character of comics, TV, and film, who is also good but kind of lame.  This Robin is his own person, but definitely Batman's apprentice.  It works!  The Riddler and Two-Face are interesting supervillains for this movie.  I've always liked the Riddler character from the comics, but Jim Carrey is overly annoying most of the time.  I never liked the Two-Face character or Tommy Lee Jones in movies, but this is actually a good character in this movie.  This Two-Face is a bit more colorful and not as serious as the comic book character.  The new Batmobile they made for this movie is okay, but just not as good-looking as the Batmobile from the first two movies.  Michael Gough is dependable, though, and once again plays the butler Alfred. 

    An added comment:  Debi Mazar looks too sexy as Spice!  I like Debi in all her films, and she really makes Spice a funny, funky character.  Take a close look at her wild getup in the picture below!

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Batman Forever
Batman Forever