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(1966 Film)

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Batman (1966):  The absolute best thing about this movie is Lee Meriwether as Catwoman.  Lee has always been a dependable actress.  I imagine it was not easy for her to take over the helm for Julie Newmar, who was unavailable to play Catwoman in this film.  Lee did a wonderful job, and many people find it hard to tell the two actresses apart in the role.  Lee was incredibly sexy and catty, in and out of the skintight lycra.  I've always felt that she should have gone on to play Catwoman in the series.

    This feature film was made after the first season of the "Batman" TV series.  Penguin led the supervillain troop with Joker, Catwoman, and Riddler.  Batman and Robin defeat them.  It's that simple.

    Besides Lee Meriwether, the coolest things were the vehicles.  The Batmobile has become one of man's all-time fantasy cars.  The Bat-Copter and Bat-Boat are also real slick.