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Ancient Egypt Movies
Although this was never a strong fad in movie-making like sword-and-sandal, westerns, or superheroes, Ancient Egypt has popped up a lot in films since the early days of cinema.  Unlike the very distinct genres of films, Ancient Egypt has NOT been overdone in movies and, therefore, has had a much longer fascination with audiences.  Movies dealing with Ancient Egypt, ficion or non, will undoubtedly always interest us.

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"Cleopatra's Daughter" (1960)
"The Mummy" Film Series (Brendan Fraser)
"The Scorpion King" Film Series

Quick Reviews:

"Son of Cleopatra" (1964)

Son of Cleopatra (1964)-  An Egyptian Robin Hood!  Mark Damon plays El Kabir, a bandit leader who fights against the oppression of the Roman ruler in Alexandria, Egypt.  El Kabir discovers he is the son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar.  A cool little concept, well-acted and filmed, but overdone.  The movie drags in places.  They were going for an epic here, but the story just didn't call for it.  Other than that, this is a pretty good old movie.

    This is an Italian/Egyptian cross-production.  It's actual title, in Italian is "Il figlio di Cleopatra".


Mark Damon as El Kabir
Scilla Gabel as Livia, the blonde.