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Airplane Movies
What exactly is an "airplane" movie.  Quite simply, any kind of movie that's very heavily themed in airplanes.  If the movie has something to do with planes or aviation, it's an "airplane" movie.  This really isn't any set genre of film, although it could be.  Airplane movies really boomed in the late 1930s-1940s.  Pilots made cool heroes, and presented all kinds of story possibilities.  In comic books, pilots were being made into superheroes.  This was translated into film as serials and B-movies, and soon mainstream Hollywood got into the act.

As airplanes became more commonplace, the number of airplane adventure movies really dropped.  By the late 1950s, the boom was certainly over.  Airplane movies since that time, for the most part, have been more grounded in reality.  Although "airplane movies" have been few and far between in subsequent decades, they're always real fun to see.

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"Emergency Landing" (1941) [aka "Robot Pilot"]

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