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3 Dev Adam [Three Mighty Men]
(1973 Film)

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About This Film

Aytekin Akkaya as Captain America

Director- T. Fikret Ucak
Producer- Ridvan Tual
Writer- Dogan Tamer
Cinematography- Orhan Kapki
Editing- Husamettin Uren

Length- 81 minutes
Language- Turkish

3 Dev Adam (1973)
:  I haven't seen this film.  It's rare and rather obscure, but I found what I know so interesting that I had to talk about it.  This is an extremely low-budget superhero movie from Turkey.

    This is NOT an official Marvel Comics film, nor is it an official Santo film.  Captain America and Santo team up to fight the evil Spider-Man.

    The story takes place in Istanbul.  Spider-Man leads a violent criminal organization called Spider's Gang.  His gang has just entered the city with counterfeit U.S. dollars.  Captain America leads a small group consisting of himself, his girlfriend Julia, and Santo.  Cap's team works with local police to smash the counterfeit ring.

    I'll pause right here to list the many odd things with this film so far.  First off, Spider-Man is a bad guy.  What's up with that?  He does NOT wear the traditional Spider-Man outfit, but a green costume with black leather gloves, belt, and boots, and no web patterns anywhere.  And you can see his face including thick, bushy eyebrows.  Spider-Man does not have any super powers at all.  He uses brute force and a switchblade knife.  Unlike Spider-Man, his build is not athletic; the actor playing Spidey has a pot belly.  Also, the Spider-Man of this film has an edgy, psychopathic personality, which is on the other end of the spectrum from the Spider-Man we all know and love.

    Captain America is a better depiction, but still not a good match to the real Captain America.  This Captain America does not have a shield, or the wings on the sides of his head.

    Santo is the most "correct" of the three characters here.  It is NOT the real Santo from Mexican cinema.  Another actor plays the famous Mexican wrestler superhero.  The Santo of this film only briefly wears the mask.  The "real" Santo was never seen in films or in public without a mask until well into the 1980s.  But why was Santo a featured character in this film?  Real Santo movies were very famous in Turkey during the 1960s.  A statue of Santo was even erected outside a movie theater in Istanbul.  In Turkey, Santo was as equally popular of superhero as Captain America or Spider-Man.  So for them, this was a natural fit.

    Very disturbing, this superhero movie contains nudity, sex, and extreme acts of violence that really doesn't make it "kid friendly".