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I've been fortunate to hear from many people I enjoy.  Since good things are meant to be shared, I'd like to share with you exclusive interviews that I have conducted with special people over the years.

Gayle Caldwell
Gayle's feature in Polar Blair's Den was made with her "say so".  Now that she's passed, I continue to update it with information I find in my travels.

Ahna Capri
I started to become good friends with the legendary "Enter the Dragon" actress, but her poor health kept us from regular contact.  However, during the one time I met her in person and subsequent phone conversations, Ahna told me a LOT about herself.

Kathy Gori
I asked the voice of Rosemary from "Hong Kong Phooey" 2 Cool Questions.

Mickey Jones Talks "First Edition" & More!
Mickey Jones Talks "Home Improvement" & More!

Aron Kincaid
I met Aron only once in his failing years, and peppered his feature in Polar Blair's Den with a lot of information that came directly from him.

Quinn O'Hara
The vast majority of Quinn O'Hara's feature in Polar Blair's Den was done with her assist.
Van Williams Talks "Green Hornet"