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  • Every year in Kyoto, Japan a funeral is given for broken dolls.  A Buddhist priest chants the prayer for the dead, and the dolls are cremated.
  • Some people in Japan hold funerals for everyday objects that have broken.  These ceremonies, called "kuyo", honor the objects for their faithful service.
  • If you're deathly afraid that your bodily functions will offend others, Japanese people would say you suffer from "taijin kyofusho".
  • In the mid-sixteenth century (1500s A.D.), the ruler of Japan ordered all swords in the country to be collected and melted down.  What happened next?  The metal was then used to build a huge statue of Buddha!  Things of violence were made into an idol of peace!  How cool is that?!
  • Corn is a popular pizza topping in Japan.