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Film Fatales: Vultura
Played by Lorna Gray
"The Perils of Nyoka" (1942 Serial)

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    As far as acting goes, she gave the best performance of anyone in "The Perils of Nyoka".  Vultura is the villainess in the picture; the evil jungle/desert queen.  She is so nasty that she's actually sexy!  Perfectly catty.  We have to assume that Vultura is some kind of Arab, although she's played by a white actress and speaks very eloquent.  Lorna Gray is extremely pretty, and she has many opportunities in this film to show off her wonderful legs!  We look forward to seeing what kind of bad things Vultura is going to do next and want to see her in fight scenes and, every once in a long while, get the upper hand on Nyoka.  She's the most exciting character in the whole show!

Chapter 15

Lorna Gray Lorna Gray Lorna Gray

Lorna Gray