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Film Fatales: Valentina de Santis (The Red Skull's Daughter)
Played by Francesca Neri
"Captain America" (1989 Film)

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    Captain America is worth watching, and one of the reasons I say this is for actress Francesca Neri.  She plays the villainess Valentina de Santis and is the daughter of Red Skull, the main villain in the picture.  Valentina is a spicy Italian henchwoman, and although she doesn't really do or say anything sexy, she comes off being VERY sexy.  The way she struts, her omnipotent attitude, all bring to mind the spoiled little princess image.  Nice wardrobe, too.  She's absolutely bad and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  Valentina may be pretty, but she's also pretty nasty.  She gets what's coming to her by the end of the movie when Captain America hits her with his shield.  It's hard to say what exactly happens to Valentina.  You see Captain America throw the shield at her, and you see the shield as it's about to hit her face, but you don't see it actually strike her.  It's assumed that she is killed by the force of the heavy shield or by decapitation.  At any rate, she doesn't come back to bother our red, white and blue hero anymore!  It isn't often that we see such a beautiful, almost angelic-looking actress playing a really nasty film fatale.  Ms. Neri did very well.