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Film Fatales: Tanaka's Daughter
Played by Zoshka Mizak
"The Punisher" (1989 Film)

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    It's rare that I would choose two actresses to highlight from any one show, but "Tanaka's Daughter", as she is known, is just as intriguing as her adoptive mother.  This is Zoshka Mizak's only movie appearance.  She didn't even do any television shows!  I don't know how good of an actress she might be, since she didn't speak in this film, but the way she carries herself and fantastic fight scenes qualifies herself as an interesting femme fatale.  Tanaka's Daughter, as the story goes, is the adopted American daughter of Japanese crimelord Lady Tanaka.  She is mute, and has no speaking part in this movie.  Physically beautiful, but perpetually cranky, Tanaka's Daughter is not a happy person.  She fights like a demon and as far as favorite weapons go:  anything that's sharp!  The mute American crime princess is especially fond of her dagger earrings, which she likes to take off to throw at her enemies.  Extremely violent.  Despite her beauty, she does not have a sexy persona.  As far as we can tell in this movie, she has no interest in men.  Probably because she ends up killing almost every man she meets...except the Punisher!  The background of Tanaka's Daughter and the fact that she isn't the typical "man-hungry" villainess makes her distinctive and a "Blair's Bad Girls" inductee!

Zoshka Mizak