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Film Fatales: Rumina
Played by Julianne Morris
"The Adventures of Sinbad" (1996-1998 TV Series)

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    EXTREMELY SEXY!  Rumina has got it!  Sexy outfits, beautiful long dark hair, and a spoiled-little-brat attitude makes her more than a little kinky.  In the series, Sinbad the sailor killed her sorcerer father.  Rumina, a sorceress, apparently has no hard feelings toward Sinbad and, in fact, desires him.  Sinbad wants nothing to do with her because she is petty and evil.  This doesn't discourage Rumina; she'll take him any way she can get him.  Maeve, the sexy redheaded lady of Sinbad's crew, is a romantic rival so Rumina frequently takes out her aggressions on her.  Rumina is simply wicked, but I don't think too many men would object to being her personal slave.

Julianne Morris Julianne Morris
Julianne Morris Julianne Morris
Julianne Morris as Rumina