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Film Fatales: Poison Ivy
Played by Uma Thurman
"Batman & Robin" (1997 Film)

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    Anyone who's really a Batman fan should like this film.  If you don't, and you do claim to be a Batman fan, there's something wrong with you.   Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Bane, and Mr. Freeze...what a line-up!  All the action you could ever want in a Batman movie with all the flash you've come to expect.  George Clooney as Batman wasn't a good casting choice, but all other performances were solid.  Of note is Uma Thurman as the plant mistress "Poison Ivy".  You've got to give credit where credit is due.  She's fantastic in this movie as the wonderfully wicked redhead with the poison kiss!  Poison Ivy is a lively femme fatale, where most are darker and more depressing in nature.  She's a good-time prankster with plants, who just happens to do bad things.  Poison Ivy is, of course, mentally-deranged due to the accident that transformed her into her present state.  If she wasn't crazy, it would be interesting to see her as a crimefighter instead of a criminal.  Poison Ivy is an interesting and humorous character that one could root for if we knew she wasn't one of the "bad guys".

Uma Thurman