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Film Fatales: Lady Tanaka
Played by Kim Miyori
"The Punisher" (1989 Film)

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    Not really sexy.  Very freaky.  Extremely violent.  This Japanese femme fatale was the leading villain in the first "The Punisher" movie from 1989 opposite Dolph Lundgren.  I'm a HUGE Dolph Lundgren fan.  Most of the bad guys he fights in his movies don't seem that scary to me.  He's big, fights like a buffalo, and looks more intimidating than his adversaries.  That's what makes him an ideal action hero.  However, Kim Miyori's Lady Tanaka character is one of the few villains in Dolph films that makes me think "How is he going to get the better of this one?  She's absolutely evil!".  Of course he does, because it wouldn't be a great action movie if the villain didn't get killed, but it isn't without some doing.  Kim Miyori is a wonderful actress and makes the leader of the Japanese mafia extremely convincing.  Knives, gunplay, poisons, martial arts...Lady Tanaka is proficient in all fields.  When she dons her Geisha girl disguise in the climactic final moments of the film, she is especially frightening.  She's a larger-than-life villainess who gets the "Blair's Bad Girls" seal of approval!

Zoshka Mizak
Kim Miyori as "Lady Tanaka" with Zoshka Mizak as "Tanaka's Daughter"

Kim Myori

Kim Miyori as "Lady Tanaka" in crazy Geisha girl outfit