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Film Fatales: Jessica Priest
Played by Melinda Clarke
"Spawn" (1997 Film)

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    Sexy redheaded mercenary.  She's absolutely nasty in disposition.  At the beginning of the movie she has long hair and a short dress.  Later in the movie (according to the story, five years) she has shorter hair and a skin-tight bodysuit.  She looks great both ways!  Jessica Priest is a character that can kill somebody without thinking too much about it one way or another.  She seems to have a feeling of power about killing people that feeds her feelings of sexiness.  An intriguing character indeed, but she's killed way too soon in the movie!  I think Spawn let her off the hook too easy.  She really deserved to suffer.  On the plus side, it's something movie viewers nowadays generally don't expect from movies in the 1990s to now.  Typically, villains are darn near unkillable and last much longer through the picture than they should.  This character was interesting enough to have been entertaining throughout the entire movie, but was offed pretty soon after the Spawn character developed.  Unlike most short-lived characters, Melinda Clarke's Jessica Priest is fascinating to watch over and over again!  She's just so d*** evil!

Melinda ClarkeMelinda ClarkeMelinda Clarke
Melinda Clarke as Jessica Priest