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Film Fatales: Andrea Von Strucker aka Viper
Played by Sandra Hess
"Nick Fury:  Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." (1998 TV Movie)

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    Viper is a balance between typical and atypical in the world of femme fatales.  Typically, she is quite sexy; a blonde bombshell who wears tight, revealing outfits.  You can also tell she is passionate and likes men.  Atypically, she does not desire the male heroic lead of the picture.  In fact, she truly, deeply hates her rival Nick Fury.  The most intimate she ever gets with Nick is when she kisses him with poison lipstick.  She is the leader of the world's most notorious criminal organization called Hydra.  Flamboyant isn't even the word for Viper.  Her outfits are pretty crazy, she kills people at leisure, and the idea of world conquest seems to get her more than a little excited.  A thick German accent also adds the exotic allure of a mad Euro-beauty.  And as far as bad girls go, she's just plain, nasty mean!

Sandra Hess
Sandra Hess in one of her many outfits as "Viper"