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Film Fatales: Adrea Spedding aka The Spider-Woman
Played by Gale Sondergaard
"Sherlock Holmes & the Spider-Woman" (1944 Film)

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    Classically beautiful, Gale Sondergaard's performance as "The Spider-Woman" is one of the most highly-acclaimed of all femme fatale roles in classic cinema...and with good reason.  She's got the looks, the wardrobe, and the sexy personality to put it over on men, but she is as cold and calculating as a machine...a killing machine.  She doesn't care so much about killing one way or another.  The idea of taking someone's life means absolutely nothing to her at all!  If she has to, she will and it won't bother her.  She doesn't, however, feel that she HAS to kill someone for any great, dramatic purpose.  Killing is just a means to achieve an end.  Plus she is an absolutely brilliant criminal mastermind.  If you haven't seen this movie, go and see it ASAP!  I refuse to spoil the surprises for you if you haven't already seen it and know what I'm talking about.