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"Lori Williams: Beyond Pussycat" DVD

"Lori Williams: Beyond Pussycat" DVD:

Lori Williams Beyond Pussycat

Actress Lori Williams, star of the cult hit film "Faster, Pussycat!  Kill!  Kill!", hired Polar Blair's Den to make a feature-length documentary of her life and Hollywood career.  This project really flowered into something special.  At first, Lori wanted a simple DVD clip show for her family and friends, but her imagination grew and "Lori Williams: Beyond Pussycat" became so grand and elaborate that she decided to use it as a demo disc for agents and casting directors.

Lori Williams, besides her primary fame as buxom blonde Billie in FPKK, was also a staple of Elvis and beach movies in the 1960s.  She also did modeling, stuntwork, and acted in a number of other movies and television shows.  "I want people to know that I wasn't in just one movie," Lori stated upon first contact with Polar Blair's Den.  A 2006 interview with the lovely Lori Williams and footage from the classic film (clipped into appropriate segments) act as the centerpiece to the program, but surrounding video footage, musical montages, and slideshows really tell us how Lori fit into the world of 1960s-70s entertainment.  The program also gives an inside look of the real, offscreen Lori Williams.

Besides the great DVD disc, Lori also wanted a professional, custom cover so that it looked like a store release, and a folding booklet to act as a program guide.  This is the definitive documentary on Lori Williams, and Polar Blair's Den is happy to have produced it!

Front Cover
Lori Williams Beyond Pussycat

Back Cover
Lori Williams Beyond Pussycat

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