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What Can Polar Blair's Den Do For You?
Who Benefits From This Service?

What Can Polar Blair's Den Do For You?:

Are you looking for someone to make you a CD or DVD to promote yourself or simply share memories?  Polar Blair's Den can give you a standout product!

Polar Blair's Den can make your CD or DVD project as big or as simple as you like!  Would you like your DVD to have a professional, custom cover?  How about a booklet to act as a program guide?  Polar Blair's Den can do these things.

Who Benefits From This Service?:

  • Entertainment Professionals:  If you are an actor, athlete, model, musician...anyone in entertainment, Polar Blair's Den can give you a real slick CD or DVD that will not only promote your services, but make you stand out among your competitors.  See "Lori Williams: Beyond Pussycat".
  • Families:  It's nice to look at home movies, but you may have encountered these problems: 1, your movies are scattered out on many old videotapes and DVDs and 2, there is more footage than you need to see.  Polar Blair's Den can take these home movies and put them into one, concise DVD project.  Home movies are an important part of your family history; Polar Blair's Den can make them fun and easy to watch!
Personal Service:

When you agree to a Polar Blair's Den custom CD or DVD, you're not just buying a product, you're buying a service.  This is a personal project, so your communication is essential.  To an extent, you're hiring Polar Blair's Den for its artistic vision, but your project can and will be tailored to meet your needs.  Is there certain footage you don't want in the program?  Do certain things have to be in a certain order?  Special requests are our specialty.  When you become a Polar Blair's Den client, we will be in regular contact via phone or e-mail until the project is finished.

How Long Does It Take?:

How long the project takes depends on how much of a project you'd like this to be.  Actual labor moves quickly, but there is some downtime if materials need to be purchased.  You are not charged for downtime.  If a customer supplies all the materials and the project is relatively simple, it will take only a few days for a CD or DVD to be produced.  If most of the materials needed for the project have to be purchased, and the project itself is a big production (i.e. feature film documentary), then you might be waiting over two months.

The longest Polar Blair's Den will work on a project, once all the materials are obtained, is 60 days from the work start date.  There needs to be a definite cutoff time so Polar Blair's Den can move onto other projects, and so you can receive your product in a timely manner.  If labor is needed after this two month work period, then the hourly rate will advance to $25.00 (USD).  Labor outside of the 60 day work period is at the discretion of Polar Blair's Den.

Before the final product is shipped, you will receive one (1) preview DVD disc.  Upon your review, you can let Polar Blair's Den know if and what changes are to be made.  If the preview meets your total satisfaction, then the final product will be prepared.  If there are changes, please state them carefully and they will be made.  POLAR BLAIR'S DEN WILL MAKE CHANGES ONLY ONCE AFTER THE PREVIEW DISC IS REVIEWED.  Everyone is a perfectionist, and changes to a project could go on forever, but there has to be an end point.  Your disc program can always be updated in the future as a "Revised Edition".


Polar Blair's Den charges $15.00 (USD) hourly labor.  Estimated time on most CD/DVD projects will take five hours, but total time really depends on how big of project you would like this to be.  Big, elaborate projects will take many hours.

There will also be a charge for materials/services purchased and used and shipping.  Of course, you will not be charged for any materials you supply.