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Got fan mail?  I'd like to hear from you!  There are many ways you can contact me:

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E-Mail:  My e-mail address is blairman@polarblairsden.com.

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Mailing Address:

Blair Whipple
PO Box 222
Dysart, IA 52224-0222

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Newsletter:  Of course, this is free.  Simply send me an e-mail with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.  I create and send these newsletters using my own resources, so you do not need to worry about spam.

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The "PBD Really Fun Newsletter" comes when I make major changes or additions to the site that I think everyone should know about.
I make many small changes/additions every week.  Look for them!

Phone:  I will only give out my number by special request.

Twitter:  Yes, even I have a Twitter account!  Check me out and follow my tweets!  Click HERE!

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