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Sweetie Pie

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About Sweetie Pie
About Nadine Seltzer
Sweetie Pie & Her Supporting Cast
Paperback Releases
Things to Know About Sweetie Pie

About Sweetie Pie

    I'm a big fan of the "small fry" comic strips like "Little Iodine" and "Dennis the Menace" (to name a few), but "Sweetie Pie" is, hands-down, about the funniest, most outrageous strip of its kind.  Sweetie Pie is like a female version of Dennis the Menace, but with a mean streak.  Dennis was actually pretty innocent about the mischief he caused.  Sweetie Pie was a brat.  A cute brat, but still a brat!

    Nadine Seltzer pretty much showed up out of thin air when she created "Sweetie Pie" in 1954.  She's not known for any other work in the comic strip medium.  At the time, "Dennis the Menace" was about the hottest newspaper comic strip around.  I'm sure the great success of the earlier strip is what prompted Seltzer to create "Sweetie Pie"; especially since it's also in panel form.

    "Sweetie Pie" is a top-notch comic strip.  The art and writing are both great, but it's really the attitude of the whole strip that grabs you...pulls you in.  Sweetie Pie's mischief isn't always so innocent.  She tries to push the limit.  Her name is contradictory to the character.  I think Nadine Seltzer did an outstanding job with her strip.

    Sadly, "Sweetie Pie" has been overlooked.  The strip managed to last through 1967, but did not make any great waves in popularity.  "Sweetie Pie" just wasn't promoted that aggressively and couldn't cross over to other media.  There were no cartoon or live-action attempts of "Sweetie Pie", nor was there much merchandise besides a few coloring books and flop comic book issues.  Sweetie Pie's greatest success was in two cartoon paperback releases of strip reprints.  These also were not breakout successes, but saw many printings from 1955 to about 1962.

    Nadine Seltzer passed away in 2008, undoubtedly disappointed with the lack of commercial success from her wonderful creation.

Things to Know About Sweetie Pie:
  • "Sweetie Pie" was created by Nadine Joy Seltzer in 1954 and lasted through 1967.  It was owned and distributed by NEA Service, Inc. (Newspaper Enterprise Association).
  • "Sweetie Pie" was launched without any major publicity or fanfare.
  • "Sweetie Pie" had her own, self-titled comic book series from Ajax/Farrel which lasted only two issues from 1955-56.  A third issue was made, but designated #15, by the Pines publisher in 1957.
  •  Two "Sweetie Pie" coloring books came out in 1957.
  •  The famous "Four Color Comics" series from Dell Comics designated two issues of its series to Sweetie Pie (#1165 in July, 1961 and #1241 in January, 1962).
  •  Apparently, only two paperback releases of strip reprints were given to Sweetie Pie.  The first was called "Sweetie Pie", the second "More Sweetie Pie".  They went through a number of printings.
  •  Sadly, "Sweetie Pie" never took as a comic strip although it lasted over a dozen years.  It didn't even come close to being adapted into cartoons or live-action shows, nor did it spawn much merchandise.  This is an incredible oversight.

Sweetie Pie & Her Supporting Cast:
  •  Sweetie Pie- The female mischief maker of the strip.  Sweetie Pie is her real name, and not just a term of endearment.
  •  Mom- Sweetie Pie's very attractive blonde mother.
  •  Dad- Sweetie Pie's father.
  •  Schultz- Sweetie Pie's dog.
  •  Lester- Sweetie Pie's boy pal.
  •  Miss Fossle- Sweetie Pie's teacher.
  •  Gas House- School bully.
Paperback Releases:  I will add more information as I find it, but here is a list of known "Sweetie Pie" books of strip reprints I've found.
  • Sweetie Pie (June 1955, Berkley)
  • More Sweetie Pie
About Nadine Seltzer:
  • Nadine Joy Seltzer was born on May 8, 1929 in Hinsdale, Illinois.  She was the oldest of six children.
  • Nadine was born a paternal twin, but her baby brother died just one day after birth.  She was born premature and was very small.
  • Nadine had a difficult childhood, growing up during the height of the Great Depression.
  • Nadine earned her Art Degree from Glendale College.
  • She created the "Sweetie Pie" comic strip in 1954.  Nadine is not known for any other work in comic strips.
  • Nadine sometimes inked the strip, but she usually wrote the funny captions.  She had a male artist do the bulk of the artwork, who did not receive credit for some reason.
  • Nadine did not receive a lot of money for her work on "Sweetie Pie".  As a matter of fact, when she was pregnant with her only child in 1965, she had to move back in with her parents.
  • The strip lasted through 1967.  "Sweetie Pie", despite the fact that it was an excellent strip, was not given enough of a chance to shine.
  • In 1978, Nadine was in a near-fatal car accident which resulted in a slow recovery.
  • Nadine passed away on May 20, 2008 of Parkinson's Disease.  She also had dementia.
  • Nadine had one child, Tanya (born 1965), who married Chris Enriquez.  She was survived by them and their three sons, Ryan, Alex, and Jacob.
  • Nadine had three brothers, Sheldon, Bruce, and Randy.  She also had a sister, Nancy Bylard, who passed away in 2007.