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About Muppets
About Guy & Brad Gilchrist
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Things to Know About Muppets

About Muppets

    The "Muppets" comic strip was based on Jim Henson's famed Muppets characters from television and film, specifically those of TVs "The Muppet Show" (1976-1981).  The strip actually debuted a few months after the popular TV show ended, and ran through 1986!

    What's amazing about the "Muppets" strip is that it's not just a recycling of jokes from the TV shows and movies.  Guy & Brad Gilchrist presented the strip in a very polished style with sleek artwork and top-notch gag-writing.

    This strip, like "The Muppet Show", was made to be an ensemble cast.  Kermit is the alleged lead character but, from what I've seen, Fozzie Bear dominates the strip.  We see Fozzie a lot, and his particular character seems to work for comic strip gag-writing.  Fozzie, if you don't know, is a hacky stand-up comedian.  I love Fozzie!  I think they could have named the strip "Fozzie & Friends" and people would have loved it.  Maybe the reason the strip didn't last beyond five years is the fact that there was no clear major character.  When it comes to comic strips, people like to follow one, most important personality.  I still think the strip is awesome and perfect in just about every way imaginable.

    Fozzie's given the most to do in this strip.  I'd say Kermit was actually of second importance.  Gonzo was third and Miss Piggy, quite surprisingly, would probably be fourth place.  Miss Piggy was the breakout character on TV, but she isn't given a lot to do here.  She hardly ever changes her outfit in the strip.  Miss Piggy, in TV and film, is ALWAYS changing her looks.  She also doesn't seem to display much of a temper or a violent streak in the comic strip.  Other aspects of her comic character, however, are pretty true to form.

    Rowlf is shown quite a bit, but almost always in his Dr. Bob persona.  Robin the Frog and Bo the Janitor are given a lot of moments to shine.  Animal, although one of the most popular Muppets characters of all time, is rarely seen.

Things to Know About Muppets:
  • "Muppets" was created by Guy & Brad Gilchrist...

Muppets Cast:
  •  Animal
  •  Beauregard ("Bo") the Janitor
  •  Camilla de Chicken
  •  Fozzie Bear
  •  Gonzo
  •  Janice
  •  Kermit the Frog
  •  Miss Piggy
  •  Robin the Frog
  •  Rowlf (Dr. Bob)
  •  Sam Eagle
  •  Scooter
  •  Statler & Waldorf
Paperback Releases:  I will add more information as I find it, but here is a list of known "Muppets" books of strip reprints I've found.
  • Chickens are People, Too! (Nov. 1985, Tor Books)
About Guy & Brad Gilchrist: