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Andy Capp

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About Andy Capp
About Smythe
Andy Capp & His Supporting Cast
Paperback Releases
Recurring Gags of Andy Capp
Things to Know About Andy Capp

About Andy Capp

    I think "Andy Capp" is hilarious, but it knocks political-correctness in the teeth.  Andy Capp is not, in any way, a role model for anybody.  He's lazy, shiftless, and unemployed.  Andy always gets drunk and chases other women.  Him and his wife, Flo, beat each other up regular.  He avoids paying any bills.  Andy Capp is, quite literally, one of the worst people on the planet.  However, he is presented to us in a most light-hearted manner.  Everyone around Andy takes him for what he is.  Knowing someone like Andy Capp in real life would NOT be a pleasure, but seeing him in comic strip form is alright.  This strip was Smythe's way of poking fun at the "losers" in society.

Things to Know About Andy Capp:
  • "Andy Capp" was created by
Recurring Gags of Andy Capp:  Andy Capp and his "mates" follow a dysfunctional routine.  Here is a list of some of those gags.
  • The

Andy Capp & His Supporting Cast:
Paperback Releases:  I will add more information as I find it, but here is a list of known "Andy Capp" books of strip reprints I've found.
  • #7:  In Your Eye, Andy Capp (1967, Fawcett/Gold Medal)-
  • #9:  Hats Off, Andy Capp (1968, Fawcett/Gold Medal)- Reprints strips from 1965-68.
About Smythe:
  • Smythe was born...