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About Personality Comics/Spoof Comics
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"Spoof Comics Presents" Issues
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About Personality Comics/Spoof Comics:  Spoof Comics is an imprint of Personality Comics.  These are probably Personality's best-known comics.  Every comic in the imprint is a spoof of something, but most of them are about hot bimbo versions of well-known superheroes.  The imprint contained one regular series, "Spoof Comics Presents", which ran for 20 issues (#0-19).  For some reason, Spoof had many one-shot comics outside of this series.  Every issue in "Spoof Comics Presents" was a stand-alone issue, so it would have only made sense to put them in the same series.  Many times it's hard to tell on the covers which comic falls in the "Spoof Comics Presents" series, and which is a separate one-shot.

Some of the characters deserved more than one or two appearances.  I think the line could have gone on for a lot of years, but it pretty much closed shop by late 1993.

Spoof's Stars:  Few of Spoof's characters appeared in more than one issue.  Here is the brand's biggest shining stars!

Batbabe- She is the second most popular Spoof character behind Spider-Femme.  Batbabe had her own issue of "Spoof Comics Presents" (#2), then a "Spoon Versus Batbabe" crossover.  She had supporting parts in the X-Babes and Justice Broads issues of "Spoof Comics Presents" (#6 and 7, respectively).  Personality/Spoof also released a trading card series for Batbabe.

- She's the easiest to find of any major Spoof character and would probably be their company mascot!  She is a solid spoof of Spider-Man, except her costume is radically different (and very sexy).  Spider-Femme is probably the only Spoof heroine to have a truly original costume.  She appeared in the first issue of "Spoof Comics Presents", then went on to a clever one-shot, "Spider-Femme vs. Denim".  She also appeared in the futuristic one-shot, "Spider-Femme 2088".  Personality/Spoof also released a trading card series for Spider-Femme.

Superbabe-  She is probably the third most-popular Spoof character behind Spider-Femme and Batbabe.  I'm surprised the company didn't give Superbabe more of a focus.  Superman was, at the time, extremely popular due to the "Death and Return of Superman" story arc that spanned two years.  However, Superbabe appeared a number of times in Spoof titles.  She started in her own issue of "Spoof Comics Presents" (#3), then appeared in the one-shots "Death of Superbabe" and "Superbabe Returns".  She was a supporting character in the X-Babes and Justice Broads issues of "Spoof Comics Presents" (#6 and 7, respectively).

Wolverbroad-  She is, I'd say, a comfortable fourth place in popularity behind Spoof's Spider-Femme, Batbabe, and Superbabe.  Wolverbroad started in her own issue of "Spoof Comics Presents" (#3).  She starred in the excellent "Wolverbroad vs. Hobo" one-shot.  Wolverbroad was also a supporting character in the X-Babes and Justice Broads issues of "Spoof Comics Presents" (#6 and 7, respectively).

X-Babes-  This delightful X-Men spoof started with their own issue of "Spoof Comics Presents" (#6) and the follow-up with Justice Broads (#7).  That's about it for them, although there was a futuristic one-shot of "X-Babes 2088" (Marvel, at the time, was making the 2099 titles) and the Excalibabes team appeared in "Spoof Comics Presents" #17.  The Excalibabes, like Marvel's Excalibur, is a spin-off team of the former.

List of Personality Comics/Spoof Comics Titles:
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Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Issue #4

Cyber Femmes
Death of Superbabe
OX: Cow O'War
Punish-Her Score Journal
Rench & Stinky
Soft Corps
Soul Trek
Spider-Femme 2088
Spider-Femme Versus Denim
Spoof Comics Presents
Spoon Versus Batbabe
Superbabe Returns
Swamp Thang
X-Babes 2088
Wolverbroad vs. Hobo

Non-"Spoof Comics Presents" Issues:

Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Issue #4:  March, 1993.  This was actually published by Fantagraphics, not Personality.  It's often called "The Amazing Spoof Heroes Swimsuit Issue" due to the cover art.  It features mostly Spoof characters, but those of other independent publishers as well.  The series itself ran for five issues from 1990-1993.  It's rare, but worth the search.

Kisses #1December, 1992.  This is a real obscure issue from Spoof Comics!  Apparently, it did not sell well.  I love this issue!  It's a sexy, all-woman bimbo version of the rock group KISS.  In this comic, the KISSES are also superheroines.  It's an original story rather than a step-by-step parody like most comics from Spoof.  Why didn't this comic sell?  At the time, in 1992, KISS just wasn't that popular.  They had long quit the makeup, and the line-up of Gene, Peter, Paul and Ace had been defunct since 1980!  Even the groundbreaking Marvel comics of KISS were years in the past.  KISS didn't become really popular again until the first makeup reunion in 1996.  I think the idea of a sexy, all-woman KISS was always great, but the comic just didn't find its audience.  If this comic came out in 1996, or even now, it would do a lot better in sales.  It would seem issue #2 was anticipated, but never made.

    Writer and artist is Allan Jacobsen.  Cover artist is Adam Pollina.  Like most comics from Spoof, the interior is black and white.  Beautiful artwork and great story!  The sexiest of the KISSES is Paula Stanley!

"Spoof Comics Presents" Issues:

"Spoof Comics Presents" spoofed superheroes from other publishers, usually portraying them as sexy bimbos.  Despite what you might think, this series was PG-rated at best.  The creators concentrated more on making it funny and true to the parody than making it sleaze.  I really enjoy this series and find it to be intelligent humor with great artwork.

    Since Personality Comics, and their imprint Spoof Comics, was an independent publisher, some issues sold better than others.  That means some issues are fairly easy to find, while some are very difficult to track down.  It's hard to complete a full set, but that doesn't mean you can't try!

    My only criticism is that Personality/Spoof did too many comics of characters unfamiliar to the masses.  I believe this is what held them back.  Whenever one does a spoof, it should always be made of the most generalized, mainstream characters.  For instance, few people who don't follow comics will NOT understand what "Imp-Unity" is about, nor will they get "Hobo", "Wet Shirts", "Mable", "Deathlocks", "Goat Rider vs. Moobius", "Sandmadam", "Dame Patrol", or "Excalibabes".  I'm surprised they did not do comics spoofing super-popular characters like Avengers, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Wonder Woman, and so on.

#0- Imp-Unity1992.  A spoof on Valiant Comics' "Unity" crossover.

#1- Spider-Femme:  1992. 
A spoof on Marvel Comics' Spider-Man character.  I LOVE SPIDER-FEMME!  She's probably my favorite character from Spoof Comics.  I love her costume, for one thing.  What a clever design!  It was pretty different from Spider-Man's costume.  Most of the Spoof characters stick to more accurate costumes.  I think Spider-Femme is certainly more original than most of the Spoof characters.  Even though original wasn't a quality Spoof was really trying for (since this was, after all, a parody series), Spider-Femme would have been great as a stand-alone character in her own series.

#2- Batbabe:  1992.  A spoof on DC Comics' Batman character, and specifically the live-action film "Batman Returns".  This is funny stuff!  Batbabe fights The Peeper and Catgut (Penguin and Catwoman in DC).  In the Spoof universe, it would only make sense that Catgut was a man.

#3- Wolverbroad:  1992.  A spoof on Marvel Comics' Wolverine character.

#4- Superbabe:  1992.  A spoof on DC Comics' Superman character.

#5- Daredame:  1992.  A spoof on Marvel Comics' Daredevil character.

#6- X-Babes:  1992.  A spoof on Marvel Comics' X-Men characters.  This is the first and only time a story continued into another issue of this series.  The second story pits the X-Babes against the Justice Broads.

#7- Justice Broads:  1992.  A spoof on DC Comics' Justice League characters.

#8- Fantastic Femmes:  1992.  A spoof on Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four characters.

#9- Hobo:  1993.  Hobo.  A spoof on DC Comics' Lobo character.

#10- Wet Shirts:  1993.  A spoof on Image Comics' Wetworks series.

#11- Mable:  1993.  A spoof on Marvel Comics' Cable character.

#12- Deathlocks:  1993.  A spoof on Marvel Comics' Deathlok character.

#13- Goat Rider vs. Moobius
I held off getting this issue for a long time because the characters aren't sexy like most of the Spoof Comics babes.  My mistake!  This is probably one of the funniest comics Spoof produced!  It is, of course, a spoof on the Marvel Comics characters of Ghost Rider and Morbius.  Goat Rider has the body of a sexy woman, but head of a flaming goat.  Moobius has the head and other features of a cow, but the body of a sexy woman.  Like her counterpart, Moobius is a vampire, but she doesn't drink blood.  Rather, Moobius drinks milk!  Goat Rider and Moobius fight at first, but later team up against a villainess.  Moobius reforms and becomes a superhero (like Morbius did in the comics).

#14- Sandmadam:  1993.  A spoof on DC Comics' Sandman character.

#15- Dame Patrol:  1993.  A spoof on DC Comics' Doom Patrol characters.  Spoof Comics always spoofed the actual publishers of the characters they spoofed and their imprints.  Here, they make fun of DC's Vertigo imprint, calling it Vertical.

    The comic art is pretty slick.  But the story just isn't as funny as other Spoof Comics entries.

#16- Silver Sweetie:  1993.  A spoof on Marvel Comics' Silver Surfer character.

#17- Excalibabes:  1993.  A spoof on Marvel Comics' Excalibur characters.

#18- Iron Can:  1993.  A spoof on Marvel Comics' Iron Man character.

#19- Green Lanterns:  1993.  A spoof on DC Comics' Green Lantern character.

Availability of Issues:

Non-"Spoof Comics Presents" Issues
Fairly Common= "Bloodskirt", "Cyber Femmes", "Death of Superbabe", "OX: Cow O'War", "Spider-Femme vs. Denim", "Wildchicks", "X-Babes 2088", "Youngspud"

A Bit Rare= "Soul Trek" #1 & 2, "Spoon Versus Batbabe", "Superbabe Returns", "Wolverbroad vs. Hobo"

Rare= "Punish-Her Score Journal", "Soft Corps", "Spider-Femme 2088", "Spoon"

Super Rare= "Kisses", "Rench & Stinky", "Swamp Thang"

"Spoof Comics Presents" Issues

Fairly Common= Issues #1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15
A Bit Rare= Issues #6, 7, 12
Rare= Issues #2, 16, 17, 18
Super Rare= Issues #0, 19