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About Malibu Comics:  Malibu Comics was an interesting publisher to say the least.  They began as an independent publisher in 1986, but they always published comics of mainstream quality.  The company made a habit of acquiring other small comic publishers and turning them into "imprints" of Malibu, further increasing their variety and strengthening their line-up of titles.  An acquisition usually started as a "partnership" with that publisher, but ultimately turned into a buyout.  In April of 1987, Eternity Comics (formed in 1985) became an imprint of Malibu.  Adventure Publications was acquired in 1989.  Aircel Comics, a Canadian publisher formed in 1985, officially merged with Malibu in 1991.  All of these publishers, and the parent company of Malibu, ceased publication in 1994 when Malibu was purchased by Marvel Comics.  Marvel toyed with Malibu's chief characters, from their Ultraverse superhero line-up, for a few years, but ultimately extinguished the burning flame that was Malibu.

An interesting fact is that Malibu Comics helped Image Comics become a huge publisher of its own.  When Image started in 1991, Malibu acted as a "publisher of record", but Image ultimately broke out on their own.  Image, helmed by Todd McFarlane, was always its own thing, anyway, so it was natural that it became its own, distinct publisher.

An attempt to revive Malibu's Ultraverse heroes, by Marvel, was considered in 2005, but ultimately fell through.  The Ultraverse was a pretty popular line of comics for Malibu, and it came late in the company's life (@1991).  Malibu probably could've survived to this day, but the dwindling comic market influenced their decision to sell to Marvel in 1994, while they could still get a good price for their properties.  I don't think they made a bad decision, business-wise, but it's a true shame.  I really loved the diverse, interesting titles Malibu and its imprints produced.  Their comics were typically blessed with great artwork and writing.

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