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Comic Books: Lorne-Harvey

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Lorne-Harvey was largely a publisher of reprinted material from Harvey Comics' Golden and Silver Ages.  Alfred Harvey, founder of Harvey Comics, was wrongfully "booted out" of his own company!  So in 1988 he founded Lorne-Harvey with wife Elsa Victoria Lorne-Harvey, who became chief executive.

I love this publisher!  I believe it could have continued with great success.  Sadly, Elsa died on March 15, 1994.  Alfred followed her shortly after on July 4, 1994.  It wasn't long until Lorne-Harvey Publications dissolved.

The company's premiere character was sexy crimefighter Black Cat.  It's believed by most, and confirmed by his family, that Alfred Harvey did, indeed, create the character of Black Cat, although there has been some debate.  "Recollections" was the name of Lorne-Harvey's reprint line, which actually was most of their titles.

Other characters in the Lorne-Harvey line-up included:  Girl Commandos, Man in Black, Red Demon, and Sad Sack.

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