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Cartoons: X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men

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Episode Review
History of X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men
Quick Facts
Voice Cast

History of X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men:  It's a shame this pilot did not become a series.  I found it a lot more light-hearted, fun, and easier to follow than the later X-Men series that became a hit.  I'm normally not any kind of an X-Men fan outside of the live-action movies, but this was good.

    It was originally aired in 1989 by itself, but didn't make any waves.  It was then aired as a segment of the hour-long animated TV series "Marvel Action Universe", but didn't garner any more attention there.  This is probably because the series itself was rather un-Marvel-ly; the other features included an adaptation of the toys "Dino-Riders" and a cartoon version of the sci-fi "Robocop" films, neither which were Marvel properties.  If this X-Men cartoon was shown next to a Spider-Man or Captain America cartoon, it probably would have taken off a lot better. 

    This version of the "X-Men" series was intended to become its own series, but that never happened.  The pilot was aired infrequently on first-run syndication.  Reviews of this cartoon are generally mixed.  Although praised for its excellent animation by everyone, some people felt the story was a little too "camp" or "childlike".  Those would be the same people who don't like cartoons to be cartoons.  As a children's cartoon, this excels, where the much more serious "X-Men" series from 1992 would NOT be entirely aimed at kids.  A lot of people actually prefer THIS "X-Men" pilot over the later series.

    In 1992, Marvel Productions went back to the drawing board and developed the "X-Men" series that ran until 1997.  The series was an instant hit, and the failed pilot was released on VHS almost immediately by Best Film & Video Corp.  Although the later series would also have excellent animation, it didn't have the heart of this original effort.  A funny thing about the pilot episode for the 1992 series: it was basically a more serious carbon-copy of the 1989 show!  The major difference was that Kitty Pryde's character was replaced with Jubilee.  Years later in 2000, with the first live-action "X-Men" film, the same basic premise of the young mutant that encounters the super-team was used, only with a teenage version of Rogue as the character.

Quick Facts:
  • Wolverine has an Australian accent.  He also looks taller than 5'4" (which is said to be his height in the comics).
  • Curiously missing from the X-Men team is Jean Grey, the significant other of Cyclops.

"X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men" (1989)
Studio: Marvel Productions
Episode Review:

Voice Cast:

Stan Lee as Narrator
John Stephenson as Professor X
Michael Bell as Cyclops (Scott Summers)
Neil Ross as Wolverine (Logan)
Andi Chapman as Storm/Various Voices
Kath Soucie as Kitty Pryde
Alexandra Stoddart as Dazzler/Various Voices
Frank Welker as Lockheed/Nightcrawler/Toad
Earl Boen as Colossus [credited as Earl Bowen]
Ron Gans as Magneto [credited as Ronald Gans]
Patrick Pinney as Juggernaut/Various Voices
Alan Oppenheimer as The Blob/Various Voices
Susan Silo as The White Queen
Pat Fraley as Pyro
Dan Gilvezan as Various Voices