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Woody Woodpecker:

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Original Series (1941-1972)

Original Series (1941-1972)


Woody Woodpecker*
The Screwdriver*
Pantry Panic*

The Hollywood Matador*
Ace in the Hole*
The Loan Stranger

The Screwball*
The Dizzy Acrobat
Ration Bored

The Barber of Seville
The Beach Nut*
Ski For Two*

Chew-Chew Baby
Woody Dines Out*
The Dippy Diplomat*
The Loose Nut*

Who's Cookin' Who?
Bathing Buddies
Reckless Driver*
Fair Weather Fiends*

Smoked Hams
The Coo-Coo Bird*
Well Oiled*
Solid Ivory
Woody the Giant Killer*

The Mad Hatter*
Banquet Busters*
Wet Blanket Policy*
Wild and Woody*

Drooler's Delight*

Puny Express
Sleep Happy*
Wicket Wacky*
Slingshot 6 7/8*
The Redwood Sap*
Woody Woodpecker Polka*
Destination Meatball

Born to Peck
Stage Hoax
Woodpecker in the Rough
Scalp Treatment*
The Great Who Dood It*
Termites From Mars*

What's Sweepin'*
Buccaneer Woodpecker*
Operation Sawdust
Wrestling Wrecks*
Belle Boys*
The Hypnotic Hick*
Hot Noon or 12 O'Clock For Sure*

Socko in Morocco*
Alley to Bali*
Under the Counter Spy
Hot Rod Huckster*
Real Gone Woody*
A Fine Feathered Frenzy*
Convict Concerto

Helter Shelter*
Witch Crafty*
Private-Eye Pooch*
Bedtime Bedlam
Square Shootin' Square
Bunco Busters
The Tree Medic

After the Ball*
Get Lost*
Chief Charlie Horse
Woodpecker From Mars*
Calling All Cuckoos
Niagara Fools
Arts and Flowers*
Woody Meets Davy Crewcut

Dopey Dick the Pink Whale
Red Riding Hoodlum
Box Car Bandit
The Unbearable Salesman
International Woodpecker
To Catch a Woodpecker
Round Trip to Mars
Fodder and Son

Misguided Missile
Watch the Birdie
Half Empty Saddles
His Better Elf
Everglade Raid
Trees a Crowd*
Jittery Jester

Tomcat Combat
Log Jammed
Panhandle Scandal
Woodpecker in the Moon
The Tee Bird
Romp in a Swamp
Kiddie League

Billion-Dollar Boner
Pistol Packin' Woodpecker
Heap Big Hepcat
How to Stuff a Woodpecker
Bats in the Belfry*
Ozark Lark
Southern Fried Hospitality*
Fowled Up Falcon

Poop Deck Pirate
The Bird Who Came to Dinner
Gabby's Diner*
Sufferin' Cats
Franken Stymied
Busman's Holiday
Phantom of the Horse Opera
Woody's Kook-Out

Rock-a-Bye Gator
Home Sweet Homewrecker
Room and Bored
Rocket Racket*
Careless Caretaker*
Tragic Magic*
Voo-Doo Boo-Boo
Crowin' Pains
Little Woody Riding Hood

Greedy Gabby Gator
Robin Hoody Woody*
Stowaway Woody
The Shutter Bug
Coy Decoy
The Tenant's Racket
Short in the Saddle*
Tepee For Two
Science Friction
Calling Dr. Woodpecker

Dumb Like a Fox
Saddle-Sore Woody
Woody's Clip Joint
Skin Folks
Get Lost!  Little Doggy*
Freeway Fracas
Roamin' Roman

Three Little Woodpeckers
Woodpecker Wanted
Birds of a Feather*
Canned Dog Feud
Janie Get Your Gun
Sioux Me
What's Peckin'?*

Rough Riding Hood
Lonesome Stranger
Woody and the Beanstalk
The Big Bite
Hassle in a Castle
Astronaut Woody
Practical Yolk
Monster of Ceremonies

Sissy Sheriff
Have Gun-Can't Travel
The Nautical Nut
Hot Diggety Dog
Horse Play
Secret Agent Woody Woodpecker

Lotsa Luck
Peck O'Trouble*
Fat in the Saddle
Woody the Freeloader
Feudin' Fightin'-n-Fussin'
A Lad in Bagdad
One Horse Town

Hook, Line & Sinker
Little Skeeter*
Woody's Knight Mare
Tumbleweed Greed
Ship A-Hoy Woody
Prehistoric Super Salesman
Phoney Pony

Seal on the Loose
Wild Bill Hiccup
Coo Coo Nuts*
Hi-Rise Wise Guys
All Hams on Deck*
Buster's Last Stand

Sleepy Time Chimes
The Reluctant Recruit*
How to Trap a Woodpecker
Woody's Magic Touch
Kitty from the City
The Snoozin' Bruin
Shanghai Woody

Indian Corn
Gold Diggin' Woodpecker
Pecking Holes in Poles
Chili Con Corny*
Show Biz Beagle*
For the Love of Pizza
The Genie With the Light Touch
Bye, Bye, Blackboard