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1.  Whenever Deputy Dawg caught Muskie the Muskrat or his friends for stealing eggs, how long did he always lock them up for?

A. 2 days
B. 2 weeks
C. 30 days
D. 60 days

2.  In the very first MGM "Tom & Jerry" cartoon, the cat and mouse were not called Tom & Jerry.  What were the original names for Tom & Jerry, respectively?

A. Toots & Casper
B. Jasper & Jinx
C. Meathead & Butch
D. Butch & Tuffy

3.  Droopy, the famous cartoon dog from MGM studios, is supposed to be a specific kind of dog (although he really doesn't look the part).  What kind of dog is Droopy supposed to be?

A. Poodle
B. Cockerspaniel
C. Great Dane
D. Labrador

4.  The stupid hound dog that Heckle & Jeckle always pick on is named...

A. Dumbbell
B. Dimwit
C. Stupido
D. Has no name

5.  The cat from Little Roquefort cartoons is named...

A. Percy
B. Pussy
C. Cecil
D. Has no name


1. The answer is "C". He always said they were getting 30 days.

2. The answer is "B".  The very first Tom & Jerry cartoon was released in early 1940 and called "Puss Gets the Boot".  Tom was called Jasper in this cartoon; Jerry was called Jinx.

3.  The answer is "A".  Droopy is supposed to be a poodle and every once in awhile they'll call him Droopy Poodle in the cartoons, but he's usually just called Droopy.

4.  The answer is "B".  Although little known, his name is actually Dimwit.

5.  The answer is "A".  His name is Percy Cat, also known as Percy Puss.