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Swamp Thing
Cartoons: Swamp Thing

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History of Swamp ThingSwamp Thing is a DC Comics superhero character created in 1971.  In 1990, someone came up with the idea to make him into action figures.  But, as was the practice of the 1980s and 1990s, the toys were made first and an animated series just an afterthought...something to serve as a commercial for the toys.  Only 5 episodes of the Swamp Thing animated series were made.  Neither the cartoons or action figures had much success.  It's a sad deal, because Swamp Thing had the potential to be very, very cool.

    The cartoon series has its plusses and minuses.  First of all, Swamp Thing is a cool character.  He's ugly enough to be impressive, but not repulsive to children.  I love all the things he can do.  His plant-like body can do anything!  He's a good subject for an action figure.  Endless possibilities.

    I also like how Swamp Thing talks.  He's got a good voice.  A powerful, clear, coherent voice.  He doesn't growl in anger all the time like other monster heroes.

    The dialogue to this cartoon, however, is really corny.  Does anyone really talk like that in real life?  I know this cartoon is for kids, but even kids can pick up on that.  I do think the writers should've given the characters more personality.

    Swamp Thing is an ugly enough character, but he's passable.  The villains are way, WAY too ugly.  You don't want to look at them on a weak stomach.  I think that's what hurt the toyline, and maybe the series, too.  If they gross out an adult, I think they would gross out little kids, too.

    The action and the stories are perfectly alright for children.  This show was a lot better written and more suitable for general audiences than many other series of the time.  Parents, this show is alright for your child to see.

    Along with the dialogue, another corny thing about the show is the theme song.  It's a play on the rock classic "Wild Thing," which, although cute, would be better as a one-time spoof or something.  Anytime there's any action in the show, they go into the Wild Thing ripoff and it's just so silly.  They seriously needed to work on a more original theme song.  But, this show was hastily put together just to sell toys.  I'm surprised the show is as good as it is.  Most commercial cartoons are downright terrible.

    The supporting cast of characters is interesting.  Swamp Thing's buddies Tomahawk and Bayou Jack are cool.  I like their weapons and their vehicles.  It really would make someone want to buy the respective toys.  I'm 26, writing this, and I would even like those toys!

    Overall, this is an exciting, colorful, and optimistic cartoon adventure series.  It's worth a watching.

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