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Mighty Mouse:

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FilmographyAn * marks the ones I've seen.

[As Super Mouse]

The Mouse of Tomorrow*
Frankenstein's Cat*

He Dood It Again*
Pandora's Box*
Super Mouse Rides Again* [Later renamed "Mighty Mouse Rides Again"]
Down With Cats*
The Lion and the Mouse

[As Mighty Mouse]

The Wreck of the Hesperus*
The Champion of Justice*
Mighty Mouse Meets Jekyll and Hyde Cat*
Eliza On the Ice
Wolf! Wolf!*
The Green Line*
Mighty Mouse and the Two Barbers*
Sultan's Birthday
Mighty Mouse at the Circus*

Mighty Mouse and the Pirates*
Port of Missing Mice*
Raiding the Raiders*
The Kilkenny Cats*
The Silver Streak*
Mighty Mouse and the Wolf*
Gypsy Life*
Mighty Mouse Meets Bad Bill Bunion*
Mighty Mouse in Krakatoa*

Svengali's Cat*
The Wicked Wolf*
My Old Kentucky Home*
Throwing The Bull*
The Johnstown Flood*
The Trojan Horse*
Winning the West*
The Electronic Mouse Trap*
The Jail Break*
The Crackpot King*
Mighty Mouse and the Hep Cat*

Crying Wolf*
The Dead End Cats*
Aladdin's Lamp*
The Sky is Falling*
Mighty Mouse Meets Deadeye Dick*
A Date for Dinner*
The First Snow*
A Fight to the Finish*
Swiss Cheese Family Robinson*
Lazy Little Beaver*

Mighty Mouse and the Magician*
The Feudin' Hillbillies*
The Witch's Cat*
Love's Labor Won*
Triple Trouble*
The Mysterious Stranger*
Magic Slipper*

Racket Buster*
A Cold Romance*
The Catnip Gang
The Perils of Pearl Pureheart*
Stop, Look and Listen*

Law and Order*
Beauty on the Beach*
Mother Goose's Birthday Party*
[A Gandy Goose cartoon with Mighty Mouse was also released, called "Comic Book Land"]*

Sunny Italy
Goons From the Moon*
Injun Trouble
A Swiss Miss*
The Cat's Tale*

Prehistoric Perils*
Hansel and Gretel*
Happy Holland*

A Soapy Opera
Hero For a Day*
Hot Rods*
When Mousehood Was in Flower*

Spare the Rod
The Helpless Hippo*
Reformed Wolf*

Outer Space Visitor*

The Mysterious Package*
Cat Alarm*