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History of Li'l AbnerColumbia Studios produced five adorable and underrated cartoons based on the "Li'l Abner" comic strip by Al Capp.  For some reason or another, these did not catch on.  Nowadays you have a bunch of eggheads saying these cartoons are no good and all that kind of crap just to make themselves think they have a good opinion.  I tell you what, I'd like to know what DOESN'T make these cartoons fun to watch.  What?

    1.  First of all, they're true to the comic strip.  They're just simplified for the 7 minute format.  There are no major changes to the look or personalities of the characters.  Considering the fact that the writers had to make short films based on a serial comic strip where the stories sometimes dragged on for months, I think they did a fine job.

    2.  I like Al Capp's comic strip, but that was certainly more adult-oriented.  These cartoons were made for kids, really, or at least so kids could watch them.  They are good introductions to the world of Li'l Abner.

    3.  These have all the color and action of the comic strips.

    4.  Ignoring the comic strip, these are just well put-together cartoons packed with tons of sight gags, action, color, and hillbilly humor.  I like 'em.

    It has been said that Al Capp himself did not like the cartoons because they simplified his characters and situations.  I say "Phooey!" to him.  These are funny!  He was an awesome comic strip artist and writer, but had no idea of how real cartoons work.  There is no way that Li'l Abner cartoons could've been made successfully into an animated serial.  No kid wants to see "To Be Continued" at the end of a cartoon.  What the heck was he thinking, anyway?  Popeye was a serial comic strip, and HE was made into over 700 cartoons so I don't even want to hear junk from people about how the Li'l Abner cartoons deviated from the strip and weren't good.  The Popeye cartoons were REALLY detached from the strip.  These were a lot more faithful.  It just goes to show that some people are stupid.

    I don't usually like to get harsh with people in Polar Blair's Den, but I really do love these Li'l Abner cartoons.  You will, too, if you have a mind of your own and don't like to follow the crowds.  Give them a good watching!

Quick Facts:


Episode Review:

1. Amoozin' But Confoozin'

    Story:  Li'l Abner goes to the big city to get culture.  He comes back with a civilized bathtub, only to offend the citizens of Dogpatch by inadvertently saying they're not clean.  They chase after him and it's Mammy Yokum to save the day!  Daisy Mae, too!

    Characters:  Li'l Abner, Mammy Yokum, Pappy Yokum, Daisy Mae, Salomey.

2.  Sadie Hawkins Day

    Story:  It was inevitable.  This HAD to be done in cartoon form.  It's the famous annual event from the strip where bachelors have to outrun women who want to catch them.  Li'l Abner is (again) outrunning Daisy Mae who does anything she can to stop him.  Mammy Yokum is doing her part to help Abner evade Daisy Mae.  And, again, Daisy Mae doesn't catch Abner.  Safe for another year!  But there are so many hilarious sight gags and things to see.  You're really seeing the whole town of Dogpatch!

    Characters:  Li'l Abner, Mammy Yokum, Pappy Yokum, Daisy Mae, Hairless Joe, Lonesome Polecat, Marryin' Sam.

3.  A Pee-Kool-Yar Sit-Chee-Ay-Shun

    Story:  Daisy Mae plots to make Abner so jealous that he'll finally marry her.  She "dumps" Abner for the dimunitive dweeb, Disgustin' Jones.  It works, and soon Abner is fighting mad.  But Daisy Mae's bodyguards beat up on Abner, and it's Mammy Yokum to the rescue.  She fetches Daisy to Abner, and once again Daisy is disappointed by Abner's response.

    Characters:  Li'l Abner, Mammy Yokum, Pappy Yokum, Daisy Mae, Salomey, Disgustin' Jones.

4.  Porkuliar Piggy

    Story:  Salomey the pig is porknapped!  Abner runs to her aid and fights the mad butcher, but, as usual, Mammy Yokum saves him again.

    Characters:  Li'l Abner, Mammy Yokum, Daisy Mae, Salomey.

5.  Kickapoo Juice

    Story:  Li'l Abner is building a statue to his idols, the bachelors Hairless Joe and Lonesome Polecat.  Meanwhile, Joe and Polecat are making their famous Kickapoo Juice, which makes them happy.  Mammy Yokum, watching all this, thinks it's high time for Abner to get married to Daisy Mae.  So she takes it upon herself to destroy the duo's Kickapoo Juice and forcing them to get married.  That way Abner might see them getting married and decide to get married himself.  Will Mammy's mad scheme work?

    Characters:  Li'l Abner, Mammy Yokum, Daisy Mae, Hairless Joe, Lonesome Polecat.

Voice Cast: