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Cartoons: Walter Lantz Studio

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History of Walter Lantz Studio
Quick Facts

History of Walter Lantz StudioWalter Lantz Studios stands out as having the most distinctive animals for cartoon characters, especially from the golden era of animation (1930s-1950s).  When you think about it, there really weren't any other cartoons where you would find a walrus (Wally Walrus), panda (Andy Panda), pigeon (Homer Pigeon), woodpecker (Woody Woodpecker), or buzzard (Buzz Buzzard) to name a few.  There were a few other rare examples of a penguin being used before Chilly Willy and at the time he was around, but even that was an odd animal to use.  Along with these unique animal characters, Walter Lantz Studios still used a variety of animals that you basically see in cartoons from all studios:  cat, dog, mouse, rabbit, bear, etc.


Andy Panda
Buzz Buzzard
Chilly Willy
Gabby Gator
Homer Pigeon
Inspector Willoughby
Mrs. Meany
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Splinter & Knothead
Wally Walrus
Woody Woodpecker

Quick Facts: